May 5, 2018

April Wrap Up + May Goals!


Hey Guys! Well last month felt like it dragged by and I didn't do much reading at all because of Camp Nano, but luckily I made my goal of 35,000 words so that's good! 
But mostly I think it felt like it dragged because spring couldn't get here fast enough! And now that it's actually here, it feels like freaking fall! 😩 Ugh SERIOUSLY our weather is crazy here! It's so frustrating because at the beginning of April it was so warm and sunny and it really felt like spring even though we still had snow on the ground, and now that it's May the snow is gone but it's still mostly all brown and dead outside and it's been rainy and windy almost nonstop for the past couple of weeks! It's really bad today especially it's like we are literally having a storm or something. The wind is literally throwing the rain against the window as I write this and it's so LOUD. Ugh where is all the sunshine and warmth and greenery?! COME BAAAAACK! 😭