Jan 29, 2018

My Blog's 1st Birthday! + The Birthstone Book Tag + HUGE Giveaway! (Until 2/26/18)


Hello fellow book nerds! Yesterday, the 28th, was my blog's first birthday! Can you believe it's already a year old? Where has the time gone?! 😱 
(I planned to have this post go up on Saturday, but for some reason this weekend I had trouble focusing and getting anything done and I ended up being unexpectedly busy and I spent the night at my friends' house to celebrate her birthday, and life just was not cooperating with me apparently, so I was exhausted. 😴)

Anyway, to celebrate, I decided to do The Birthstone Book Tag, created by Jay @ The Awkward Bookworm! 

Aaaaannnnndd.....SOMETHING REALLY EXCITING FOR ALL OF YOU, A GIVEAWAY! I've never hosted a giveaway before and I'm really excited, so stay tuned for details at the end of this post!😄😄😄