Dec 8, 2018

Bookending Winter #3: Putting Together My Bookish Secret Santa Box!


Hi Book Bloggians! 😄 This year I decided to join The Broke and The Bookish's 9th Annual Secret Santa, an online Secret Santa where we fill out a form and are paired up with someone we've never met and get to go shopping for them to send them books and all kinds of fun gifts based on their preferences! This has been SO FUN, so today for my third BW post, I'm showing you my box I put together for my secret santee! (Santee? Is that even a word? 😂)

Here are all the gifts I got her! I got her a couple of books that were on her wish list, A copy of the Literary Listography cuz I love the one that I have and she loves planning so I thought she would like it, and a bunch of other fun things that I thought she would like!


She said she LOVES catuses, so I HAD to get her that adorable blue Christmas cactus mug, and the cactus blanket I found on sale on Black Friday! She loves hot chocolate, so of course I got her some to go with her mug; she loves white chocolate, peppermint bark and mini M&Ms, (that's the tube looking thing that's wrapped already, I forgot to take pictures before I started. 😂) so I got her some of that, and also some Alaska-made soap for dry skin in the harsh winters, which she said she also has problems with where she lives. And she loves cats, so I had to get her that cute little pink and gray kitty! Look at it! She's so soft and cuddly! 😍


She said she likes food-scented candles, so I got her this mini pumpkin pie one. I hope she likes it! They were 75 cents on Black Friday, so I couldn't pass it up! (And so I got a fruity scented one for myself too. 😂)


She said she likes pink, floral patterns, and scarves, so this combines all three! And I love how she can wear it so many different ways other than just a scarf! 😊


Again, this combines some of her favorite things, cats, and planning stuff! 😄


I saw this at a gift shop and thought it would be a fun addition since she likes lip balm and beauty stuff.


And a lot of local business have popular vinyl stickers, and I thought she could use this pretty Alaskan Fireweed to decorate her planner! 


And again, more planning stuff! I LOVE this "reality checklist!" I thought it was hilarious, especially the last two sections. 😂 I really hope she like it!


And this is the Christmas card I got her, again because she said she loves cats. The inside says "Bells on Bob's tail ring." 😂 And on the blank side I explained why I picked some of the gifts and where I got them, and revealed myself with my Twitter handle and the link to my blog so she can find me. 😊


And here is everything all wrapped up together! I really like that gold wrapping paper that I found in the basement. 😊 It all really turned out nice, though wrapping the blanket and the little plush kitty was tricky. 😂


I found this fun idea on Pinterest, and HAD to use it for this! Everyone on Twitter loved it, and it was so fun to put together! I just taped regular white paper to the flaps and used colored pens and markers to draw the face, arms, and buttons, and ta-da! Snowman! 😍


And here is the outside of the box that I decorated with some Christmas stickers I had! And I outlined our addresses in gold sparkly pen, but sorry you can't see it very well because of my horrible editing job of blocking them out for privacy. 😂

More stickers on the sides!

Well that was my Secret Santa box! I REALLY REALLY hope she likes it! This was SO SO SO much fun and I spent WAY too much money than I needed to but it was so worth it! 😂 
I sent it today and it's supposed to get there on Tuesday, so until then I'll be anxiously checking my tracking number and stalking Twitter to hopefully see her reaction when she opens it! 

Now I just have to wait until the package from my Secret Santa comes! I can't wait to find out who they are and what they picked out! And don't worry, in early January I'll be doing a combined Christmas/Birthday haul post! 😊

Keep a lookout for my next Bookending Winter post on Tuesday! Bye! 🎄


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  1. Okay so for now on I need you to be my secret Santa! This is honestly so amazing Heather! My heart literally swooned and now I am super jealous of whoever this girl is! <3

  2. Heather @ The Frozen Book BlogDecember 10, 2018 at 8:41 PM

    AWWWWWEE THANK YOU SO MUCH! It was SO much fun!
    She just got her package today and thanked me on Twitter and said she loved everything. I'm SO glad she did. I can't wait to do it again next year! You should totally think about joining! :D

  3. Oh my goodness, Heather, this package is INCREDIBLE! I can tell how much thought and love you put into picking out her gifts, and the wrapping was so cute! (I LOVE the snowman idea!) You are so sweet! <3

    1. Heather @ The Frozen Book BlogDecember 11, 2018 at 1:19 PM

      THANKS! It was SO fun! And I found the snowman idea on Pinterest. ;)