Nov 13, 2018

Top Ten Tuesday-Bookish Merch I'd Love to Have!


Hey guys! I'm back with a Top Ten Tuesday link up with That Artsy Reader Girl, and this prompt was really fun because I got to raid all of my wish lists from around the internet and find a bunch of cool bookish merch I'd love to have one day and share them with you! 😄
1. Katniss Funko Pop


I'd love to collect more Funko Pops one day and I've always wanted a Katniss. This one with her wearing her mockingjay dress is one of my favorites.

2. Alice in Wonderland tapestry


I would LOVE to have this gorgeous thing covering the blank space on my wall by my bed, but I can't find a good enough reason to justify buying it. 😂

3. Bookish planner stickers


How cute are these?! They would totally help me with scheduling reading time better.

4. Bookish art prints


Again, I need more things to put on my walls, and book nerd art prints would be a dream come true. 😊

5. Bookish skirt


Okay, I'm not sure if I'd ever actually wear this, but it's still so cute! 😄

6. Bookish pin


This would be fun to put on my backpack.

7. Book plate stamps


I have some sticker ones already, but I'm running out, and these would be really fun to have.

8. Bookish coloring book

I've been getting into coloring more recently, and having a bookish fandom themed coloring book would be really cool.

9.Bookish pillow case

This pillow speaks the truth. 😂

10. Bookish laptop skin


I would love to have a laptop skin like this! It's so pretty!

So what do you think of my bookish merch wish list? Do you like bookish merch? Is it too early for Christmas shopping/making Christmas wish lists, cuz I really want to start now. 😂


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