Oct 3, 2018

My Room Tour!


Hey guys! Welcome to my long awaited (well for me at least 😂) room tour! Ever since we rearranged our rooms in the house and I finally had my own room again I couldn't wait to finish decorating it to show it off for you guys! There's still a few projects I want to do for it and stuff I want to add, but for the most part it's ready. 

So without further ado, here is my bedroom! 😄

So here is basically the whole view of my room that you can see from standing at the door. You can see my bed, my Elsa blanket that my mom got me that I decided to use as a tapestry, my bookshelf, and my desk in front of the big window. 

But let's start the tour from the left and work around the room so I can show you the closeups and explain each section. 😊


So this is the wall that my bed is up against that is to the right of the door that I use to come in. On the wall I have a Chinese calendar that I got at a local restaurant, (it's from 2012, but I kept it because it was so pretty, and hey, actually the dates match up on the days for this year, so I guess I can actually use it. 😂) Then I have the light switch cover that I decorated with washi tape, a picture frame, my Mockingjay poster, a tea towel I got in the October 2016 Owlcrate box that I'm using as a mini tapestry, a cork board with a bunch of knickknacks that I've collected over the years, a Crazy Rich Asians poster that I got for free at the movie theater, and other stuff on the walls that I have close ups down below, along with my smaller bookshelf.


So here is my small bookshelf that just has a few books I'm currently reading, my Bibles and devotional books, notebooks, some small stuffed animals, and some drawers for storage. On the wall above it is my mermaid card I got on my Homer trip that I put in a frame I got at Value Village and decorated with washi tape, and a cute canvas I got at a local department store that says "We rise by lifting others." 😊 Then on the top of the bookshelf is my cute puppy cookie jar,  my bucket of bookmarks, and a red glass mug with a dragon sticker on it and fake flowers I put in it for decoration.


Here's a close up of the mermaid card! It's just so pretty and I love how the frame turned out. 😊


And above my nightstand is this gorgeous calendar with really detailed Disney paintings, and another cute artsy card I got at the state fair that I also got a frame for at Value Village that I decorated too.


Here's my bed with my nightstand with more books on it, a lamp my roommate gave me to use that's shaped like the Eiffel Tower, and underneath it in the rainbow trays are art stuff in the green one, hair stuff in the orange one, nail polish in the pink one, toiletries in the purple one, and random medical stuff like band aids, lotions, sun block and bug dope in the white one. 😂

On the bed is an ice cream pillow I got at an arcade a few years ago, a gold pillow that says "Hello Lovely" that came in a care package from my friend when I was in college, an Olaf pillow, a reversible tied fleece blanket that I made a few years ago, (The other side is light blue with little white polka dots) and these cute teal floral globe lights that I got at Target. 😊 

I know there is a giant empty space on the wall, but I didn't know what to put there except maybe a bookish tapestry from Society6? You know, if I can afford it. Maybe it will be a Christmas gift to myself later. 😂


And here is a close up of my little book corner! I just love this picture, I think it turned out really nice. 😊 I think I might add a bean bag by the foot of my bed and turn it into a little reading nook too, what do you think?


Here you can see the beautiful painting my friend Lydia made for me, and my desk where I work on blogging. (and where I should be working on writing, too. 😜) And on the window is a banner another friend made for me for my birthday last year that has my name on it, but in every picture I managed to cut off the end of it, so apparently my name is now "Heathe." 😂


And here is my closet! We were going to put the doors back on, but I decided I liked the openness of it and I thought the sides of the walls where they would've gone was a good place to hang my winter hats and hairbrushes. And yes, those are DVDs on the top shelf in between the towels. I didn't know where else to put them. 😂


Here is my dresser next to the closet with my little vanity on top. I really like how I hung up my scarf that I wanted to keep (but I never really wore) behind it. It just makes it look like a cute and pretty little corner. 😊


And finally we have this corner, with my clock, mirror, the door, and stuff behind the door which I have a closeup of down below. 


Another cork board with knickknacks, birthday cards, photos and art prints, and a coat hanger that I keep my winter coat and scarfs on, and my small mug collection. 😊 


Finally here is a panorama of the entire room! I know it needs some more decorating, but hopefully I will be adding things slowly but surely and I can update it later.  

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed the tour and a little peek into my life! 😄

So what did you think of my room? I want to collect fun bookish merch an decorations to add to the walls eventually, but it's going to take some time. Do you have any suggestions? I also some time in the future would like to do a separate bookshelf tour and talk about the things on my shelves. Is that something you would like to see? Comment below! Til next time! Bye! ♡


All credit goes to the authors of the images.

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  1. YAYYYY, I love room tours! It was so fun to see your room, Heather! Your bed looks super cozy, and the bookshelf with lights around it is so cute and pretty! <3 I think those were my favorite spots in your room. :) Also the panorama at the end of the post was GREAT! I wish I had thought of that when I did a room tour. XD XD And sure, I'd be happy to see a tour of your bookshelf! I don't know, those things are just so fun. :P

    1. Heather @ The Frozen Book BlogOctober 11, 2018 at 7:08 PM

      AWE THANK YOU! :D I like my bed and my dresser, but my bookshelf/desk area are definitely my favorites!
      Yay! I would love to do a bookshelf tour, though it might be tricky to figure out how to make it work well for a blog, since I've only seen them on YouTube. And if I do one, it might have to wait until January, since I'll be pretty busy with Blogoween, Nanowrimo, and Blogmas. XD But I'm glad someone would like to see it cuz it'll be fun! :D