Aug 14, 2018

Top Ten Tuesday-Fave Bookish Blogs and Websites!


Hey fellow book nerds! This week's Top Ten Tuesday is all about our favorite book blogs and book themed websites!

Paper Fury. I LOVE Cait and her awesome blog and sense of humor! She gives great writing and blogging advice and I love laughing at her antics. 😄 Her blog is the first one I followed when I created my own, and she continues to be my biggest inspiration.

I love reading Kellyn's blog, Reveries, and keeping up to date on her many many writing projects and getting writing advice from her too. Earlier this year I had a chance to beta read her book, At Her Fingertips, and it was really fun! 😊
I met my very first blogger friend, Amy, through Goodreads when she was looking for other bloggers to participate in her Q&A section on her blog! Her blog is cute and fun to read so you should totally go check it out! 😃

That Artsy Reader Girl is another blog I follow. It's the blog that hosts Top Ten Tuesday, which I love participating in, and I'm so glad that Jana was able to host it after The Broke and the Bookish closed down, which was another great blog. 😊


This site is so cool! You set up a free account and list books that you don't want anymore and when someone wants to request it, all you do is ship it to them and you get credits you can use to request other books on their website! It's an awesome way to get free books if you don't have time to go to the library. 😉

I LOVE Etsy! It's not specifically a bookish website, but you can find SO MANY awesome bookish related gifts like handmade bookmarks, fandom candles, book sleeves, bookish prints, tee shirts, jewelry, and so much more! I may be a little bit obsessed. My wish list is literally like 50 pages long. 😂

Speaking of bookish tee shirts, this site takes the actual manuscripts of a bunch of books, poems, or plays, and puts them on shirts, scarves, tote bags and posters in an awesome design themed around the book they use! How cool is that? They mostly use classic book designs, but they also have a few contemporaries, such as Red Queen, Cinder, and Throne of Glass! I want one so bad! 😩


Of course I need to put one of my favorite bookstore's sites on here. I don't get to go to the actual bookstore a lot, so I like to just order books straight from here sometimes. 😊


This is a really cool site that provides background noise settings that you can use to read, write, sleep or study to. You can choose specific ones themed around settings in books, such as the common rooms from Harry Potter, ones to fit specific scenes of whatever your reading, like a battle or a restaurant, general ones like the sound of rain or a beach, or anything really! I'm sure you could type in almost anything and find something that fits! 😊


And of course, Goodreads! I have NO idea where I would be without this site! It is a lifesaver, especially with blogging! I love the idea of all the things you can do with it, like keep track of books you've read, your progress in ones you are currently reading, and look up ones you are interested in and add them to your TBR! (Warning: this might get out of hand. 😂) You can also create your own "shelves" like I did, where I keep track of my favorites, and books that I own. You can also rate the books you read, write reviews for them, follow authors and other users, create groups, make book loving friends, save quotes you love, make widgets for your own book blog, and SO much more!   

So what do you think? What are some of your favorite bookish blogs and sites? Comment below with them!

Thanks for reading and I'll see you on Saturday with a new post! ♡


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  1. I’ve been using Paperback Swap since 2011. I haven’t found many other bloggers who use it. I love it.

    Aj @ Read All The Things!