Aug 22, 2018

Life Update/Roadtrip Haul and Photos!

Hi guys! Wow last Saturday was crazy long, but so much fun! Today I'm going to show you pics from my 16-hour-long day trip to Homer, some of the things I got, (including books!) and update you on some things. Let's go!
The day started when my friend Cathy (also my roommate's sister) picked me up at 8am and we drove for about 20 mins before grabbing some coffee for the road at a cafe she knew of. (I got a mocha with toasted marshmallow syrup in it and it was amazing! 😋)

Strong Is the New Pretty: A Celebration of Girls Being Themselves

Oh, and also something I wanted to mention was Cathy had this book in her car and wanted me to read it on the trip and I finished it right before we got to Homer and it was amazing! This photographer took pics of these girls of all ages just being themselves with quotes from them next to their pictures on every page. It was so inspiring and almost made me cry a couple of times. I definitely want to have my own copy someday!


Then we drove for about three more hours and stopped for lunch. BUT before we went to lunch we stopped at one of my new favorite bookstores and I got all of these! (Except Reign of Shadows, which came in the mail from Amazon the next day. I just decided to include it in these pics.)


I'm especially excited about Throne of Glass and The Bucket List Journal. I'm not sure getting Throne of Glass was the best idea cuz I'm not sure I'll like it, but my curiosity got the better of me. Oh well, at least I got it in paperback so it was cheaper. 😂

The Bucket List Journal looks really cool too. Instead of your usual bucket list, where you write down things you want to do in life, it breaks it into categories like: things you can give/do for others, a summer bucket list, a spiritual goals list, and a creativity project list, etc. I'm so excited to use it because I think it will definitely help me prioritize things, on top of my planner and bullet journal. 😜


My roommate gave me some fake flowers she didn't know what to do with, so this is my attempt at taking an aesthetically pleasing book photo. 😂 I guess it could look worse, right? (Btw, I love how vivid the colors on Reign of Shadows are!)


Anyway, after we stopped at the bookstore we met Cathy's cousin Lydia (who is also my good friend) who lives in the area we stopped in for lunch at this sandwich place and I had a grilled cheese sandwich and broccoli cheddar soup, which was really good. 😋 Then since Lydia just got her license to be a hair dresser, we made time to go back to her house with her and she fixed my uneven haircut for me that I tried to do myself. 😂 Then, after spending way too much time hanging out with her there we got back on the road again. It was already 2:30 and we still had a couple of hours to go til we got to Homer! 😱



Finally we got there I think around 4 and I took these pictures of the ocean as we were driving in. 😄
Then we went to this amazing used bookstore!


Isn't it so cute? Also I realized after taking this picture that the sign has a mermaid reading a book on it. How cool is that? 😂

This is the inside! I've seen pictures of bookstores like this on Pinterest but never in real life! There are literally books filling up all the space from the floor to the ceiling! They are all so piled on top of each other that I even saw one of the shelves was bent so much from all of the weight of them. 😨


They were even on the stairs!


And this was upstairs! I didn't end up getting anything, but the experience was pretty cool and I thought you guys would like the pictures so I'm glad I remembered to take them. 😂


Then here are a few more pictures of Homer that I took.





I love this spot of sunlight on the water! 😍


We shopped in all of the little tourist shops on the boardwalk that was out on what we call "the spit." It's basically a giant man-made peninsula that juts out into the harbor where all of the restaurants, shops, and the boats are docked.


I picked out the sticker for myself on the right, and Cathy picked out the colorful Alaska one on the left for me to add to a package I'm making for our mutual friend who is in college in Texas to send to her. 😊


I also got this gorgeous greeting card with this pretty artwork on it! Look at all the amazing detail! I love the mermaid's hair blowing in the wind and that she's sitting on the anchor. It's so pretty! I think I remember seeing it the last time I was in Homer last year but I didn't get it so I'm glad this time I did. It would look so great framed on my wall in my newly redecorated room! 😄 I definitely love the idea of becoming the kind of person that has a bunch of cute artwork framed on my walls. Especially if I collect really pretty whimsical ones that remind me of books like this one.


I also got this awesome coloring page glued to a piece of wood with a rope to hang it on the wall! I can't wait to use my glitter pens and watercolors to decorate this and use it to decorate my room! It'll look amazing when I'm done with it! 


After we went shopping we got crepes at this one place and I got Nutella ones with dark salted caramel sauce! 😋 It was the first time I've ever actually had crepes and they were SO GOOD!

Oh and Cathy likes to have "traveling buddies" so she keeps these cute little mice in her car and takes pictures of them on all her "adventures." 😍 They're so cute so I had to show them to you! Their names are Edmund and Chrysanthemum.


Then I got some chicken strips and jojo fries at a deli for dinner to take on the long 5 hour drive home, and I took these pictures on our way out of town.


So then we got home at like 1am and I was exhausted and I still had to get up at 7:30 the next morning to help out with Sunday school at church! I was sooo tired. But it was so worth it! 😄


Life update: So I'm glad I had a great day in Homer because the night before I was in tears. 😕 Why? Well. My creative writing class got cancelled because not enough people signed up for it. It was the only class I was able to take this semester and I was really looking forward to it. 😭 I could've just replaced it with another class, but all the ones I was interested in ended up being more for academic and business style writing, not literature or fiction or anything like that that I wanted to actually learn. I didn't want to waste my time on a class I really didn't want/need to take, and my community college didn't offer anything like that that I did want to take other than creative writing. Soooooo...I have no idea what I'm going to do now. I signed a paper postponing my admission until spring so I wouldn't have to redo all of the stuff I already did, and I guess I'll hope that more people will want to take it next semester and sign up for it again then. 😔 Loooooong sigh. 

 I reapplied to that bookstore I love since it's been a while so maybe that will work out sometime soon, but I really don't know. At least I have a few things to look forward to this month like going to the state fair and seeing Lindsey Stirling in concert, redoing my room, and finally reading books I'm enjoying. 😊

Oh well. I'm sorry for that rant. If you made it this far, I appreciate it! 😊 I hope you enjoyed seeing pics from my road trip!

I hope you liked this post! I'll be back with another tag on Saturday! 

Til then! Bye! ♡


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