Aug 28, 2018

Reign of Shadows by Sophie Jordan Review (S.S.S. August Book)


 Reign of Shadows (Reign of Shadows, #1) 

Hey guys! It's time for my review of my book club's August pick, Reign of Shadows! It's a Rapunzel retelling, and I binge read it this weekend cuz I didn't get it in the mail until earlier last week, and I had almost no time to read it with the state fair going on and all. 😂 Oh well, let's get into it!

Aug 25, 2018

The Summertime Madness Book Tag


Hey fellow book nerds! I'm back with another tag. This time I thought I'd do the Summertime Madness Tag, since I'm "mad" that summer is over...haha...get it? 😂

Okay, bad jokes aside, I couldn't find the creator of this tag because I think they took down their YouTube channel. But Katytastic credits them in her video, so if you want to see it you should check it out! I love her channel! 😊 

Now let's get started!

Aug 22, 2018

Life Update/Roadtrip Haul and Photos!

Hi guys! Wow last Saturday was crazy long, but so much fun! Today I'm going to show you pics from my 16-hour-long day trip to Homer, some of the things I got, (including books!) and update you on some things. Let's go!

Aug 18, 2018

The Back To School Book Tag!


Hello Book Bloggians! I saw this tag over on Victoria's Book Blog and thought it would be the perfect time to do it since public school in my district started this week. I don't start my class at the community college until the 29th, so luckily I still have another week and a half of summer! As you are reading this I am currently on a crazy long day trip to Homer today, so you will know more about that in my next post on Tuesday! Oh and the original creator of this tag is Jenny @ Jenny Unscripted. Now with that said, on to the tag!

Aug 14, 2018

Top Ten Tuesday-Fave Bookish Blogs and Websites!


Hey fellow book nerds! This week's Top Ten Tuesday is all about our favorite book blogs and book themed websites!

Aug 7, 2018

Top Ten Tuesday-Books Mashed Together!


Hey guys! Today I'm linking up with Top Ten Tuesday hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl, and this week's topic is books that you want to mash together! I think I came up with some fun ideas, so let's go! 😜

Aug 5, 2018

July Wrap Up and August Goals!


Hey guys! Wow, I just realized that June marked a whole year since I started doing monthly wrap ups, so I've been doing this over a year now! 😱 

Well to sum up July...I feel like it was a huge blur. But yet I feel like the whole past two years have been a blur. Time just moves too fast! 😂 I was REALLY struggling with a huge reading slump since June, so I don't think that I got that much done this month, but I am feeling pretty optimistic that I can get out of it this month cuz I'm really excited about what's on my TBR, so let's see what I did this month and what I have planned for August!

*I'm sorry this post is a little late, I meant to write it yesterday but I ended up not having time, and I keep underestimating how long it takes me to write a post, especially wrap ups cuz they are loooong, so again I'm posting this at midnight. 😂