Jul 28, 2018

How To Make A Cute Paint Sample Bookmark!


Hey Book Bloggians! 😊 Today I am going to give you a tutorial on how to make cute little bookmarks like these out of paint samples! 


I think the one I made for this post turned out pretty well, so I'm excited to show you guys!

First things first, you need your supplies. 


Get yourself some markers like these in whatever colors you want to use. Ones that will stick to the kind of paper paint samples have, and won't run or smear easily. 

The ones I used are colored Sharpies and Bic Metallic Permanent Markers that my mom got for me on Amazon.


Also you'll need a thin fine point Sharpie and a regular or chisel point Sharpie (or another permanent marker) in black, like these. 

And finally, you'll need a paint sample strip. You can get them for free at hardware stores or wherever they sell paint for interior/exterior design. (I got this one and a bunch of others at Lowe's.) 

You can use any color you want to fit the theme of whatever design you want to make. For example, pink/purple for flowers, yellow for sunshine/summer, blue/green for ocean/sky, etc. 

I decided to do a rainy day theme, so I chose this nice gray one for the background to look  kind of like an overcast sky.  😊

Now that we've got the supplies, the first step is to think of a design you want to do. (Pinterest has some great ideas for inspiration. 😉) 

I found this cute quote on Pinterest; "it starts raining, I start reading" and I thought it would be cute on this little gray bookmark with a drawing of an umbrella in the middle and some raindrops in the background! If you want to add a quote like I did, you can even find some fun curly fonts to make it look even cuter on Pinterest also. 😊

So once you have your design idea, lightly draw it out in pencil like you see I did here. It really helps you plan out all your spacing and see a rough draft of how your design will look before you actually start making it. (I highly recommend this. I've skipped this stepped sometimes before because I was too lazy and it ended up being off center and just not looking how I wanted it. Oh well, lesson learned. 😂)


Next fill in your pencil marks with the thin Sharpie. Don't worry about making the lines look perfectly straight, this is just so you can see it better when you fill it in with the fatter Sharpie later. 

Then, go back and trace over everything again with the regular or chiseled Sharpie. It will be a little easier with a thicker tip to make the lines look smoother and less wobbly. 
Then, fill in the bottom curved part of the umbrella's stem to make the handle, and you're ready for the next step, coloring and adding detail! 😊 (As you can see, I started that step already and filled in the top of the umbrella and the stem with my silver metallic marker, and forgot to take a picture for this step before I did. Oops. 😂)


If you decided to follow my design, you can put some polka dots in whatever colors you choose on your umbrella, or whatever pattern you want! Stripes, plaid, stars, smiley faces, get creative! 😊 (I used a dark pink Sharpie and a bronze metallic marker for the dots.) 

Then, when you are done adding whatever details you want, fill in the rest of the empty background space with your raindrops! I used my silver metallic marker, but you can also use blue, white, or gray (if it won't blend in too much with your background.) I tried to draw them as actual raindrop shapes, but my fat tip of my marker made them turn out looking like just random blobs. 😂 Oh well. Drawing short straight lines will also look like rain too, if you want to go for that look.


Also, I wanted a pop of blue somewhere because it's my favorite color, and I can't do anything artsy with a theme involving water of some kind without using blue, even though I used silver for my raindrops. 😂 Plus, I thought it needed some more color than just the pink and bronze polka dots. So, I decided to take my turquoise Sharpie and kind of "shadow" the letters on my quote. (And actually, I probably should have done this before filling in the raindrops, but I didn't think of it sooner. So some of them got partially covered up, but it still looks okay.)

You're almost done! When you're finished with your design and are sure you don't want to add or fix anything else, you can "laminate" your bookmark. This step is optional, but I like to do it because it makes your bookmark kind of "waterproof" and protects the marker from smearing if it gets wet. Plus, gives it a nice glossy finish. 😊

Now, because I am not rich and don't have an actual lamination kit, I just use clear packing tape. Hey, don't look at me like that, it works! 😂 

I just lay my bookmark down flat and lay the tape on top, (slowly, to make sure no fuzz or air bubbles get trapped underneath) then smooth it out to make sure it sticks evenly and there are no air bubbles. (I use two strips of tape because one isn't wide enough, so I usually lay them down side by side, overlapping a little. If the slight ridge this creates bothers you, than you can carefully lay them down right next to each other so the edges of the tape connect but don't overlap.) Then, pick the whole thing up, trim the edges...

...and you're done! You can even take some scissors and cut the corners to make them look rounder like I did if you want.

So, there you have it! A cute new bookmark that cost you nothing that you can make with things you might already have laying around the house! 😄

Wasn't that fun?! (Wow, I'm actually kind of impressed that I kinda sounded like I knew what I was talking about. 😂) It would be really fun to do more posts like this in the future when I have even more practice, and I make my art into more of a habit. 😊

Well, I hoped you enjoyed making your bookmarks as much as I did! How did yours turn out? Did you follow my design or do something of your own? I'd love to hear about it in the comments! ♡


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  1. These are so so cute!! I like never make bookmarks and just end up using a scrape of paper which is...so lazy of me. 😂 So goals to actually get crafty and make some one day! Using the paint samples is SO clever!

    1. Heather @ The Frozen Book BlogJuly 30, 2018 at 4:21 PM

      Thanks. I saw it on Pinterest. XD I'd like to open an Etsy shop one day but I really need to develop my art skills. :P

  2. Very cute! I love your rainy day bookmark.