Jul 17, 2018

A Look Inside My Planner! July 16-22


Hey guys! Today I decided to give you a little look into my planner this week. I'll show you how I decorated it and my plans I wrote down and walk you through how I structured it. I've been inspired by some Plan With Me videos on YouTube, so this is a post I've been wanting to do for a while now, and I hope I can do it again in the future and make it even better! 

So without further ado, here is my life! 😊 

The kind of planner I have is a 2018 12 month vertical layout Life Planner by Erin Condren. Here is my unboxing post of it when I first got it if you want a little tour of the whole planner itself. 😉

So here is the full week before I added the rest to it. I already filled in a little bit of things I had to do that didn't want to forget, and I decorated it with nautical themed scrapbook stickers I found at Joann's in the bottom two corners. Also I put some gemstone stickers I also found at Joann's in the top two corners in the painted petals design that was already on the page to make them look like "bubbles", and added some planner stickers that came with my planner and the water color criss-cross designed stickers that I used as a border and a quote background on the left page I got from Etsy.

Here is a close up of the left page before I added more stuff to it. You can see the stickers better and the quote I drew from Oceans by Hillsong United onto my background sticker with black pen. Also I put a little sticky tab on today's date to remind myself to write this post! Isn't it cute? It came in a set of other cute printed sticky tabs of different sizes, but I don't know the brand or where it came from, since it was given to me but it was opened already.

And here is my completed left page! I added a sticker and wrote "To Do" at the top of my check off list sticker on Monday, and filled in two more things I needed to get done next to it. In the second rectangle underneath it, I wrote "Extra" in black pen to tell myself of other things I needed to accomplish but only if I had enough time in my day. The priorities took the first space above them. And on the bottom space in the last row, I usually have trouble figuring out what to put there, but I thought it was a good idea to keep track of TV shows I like to watch and what day they air, so I can remember to watch them online later. 

On Tuesday, I put an arrow sticker from Call School, (my old university to request my transcripts, which I was supposed to do yesterday but I didn't have time, so I moved it to today.) Then under that, I put FINISH CALAMITY with a sticker next to it because I SERIOUSLY need to do that tonight, it's taking me way too long to read! 😩 Also I put a note to keep checking my blog comments cuz my email notifier is broken still apparently, and in the second space under all that I wrote "Unsure" in black pen on the divider because I did not know if I would have time to do those extra things, and going to the BBQ depended on the weather. Then I taped a days of the week sticky tab (because they don't stick very well for Tuesday to the bottom space that I sometimes use for dinner ideas, and I wrote down Tuesday's TV shows in the extra space under that. 

For Wednesday I added another "To Do" label at the top that came from the same kit as the quote background and the divider, and the only things I wrote for Wednesday was to work at the fairgrounds, (with a question mark because the hours are very flexible and I wasn't sure about it for this week yet) and to catch up on my reading, which takes priority tomorrow if I'm not working. Under that in the second space I wrote "Writing" in silver pen because it reminded me of waves, though you can't see it very well, but I added a list of writing projects I should work on if I have the time and in the third space under that I did the same thing but with "Art."

Now on to the second half of the week! This is what it looked like close up before I added the rest... 

And this is what it looks like all filled out! As you can see, the last half of the week is less busy looking, since I didn't have any solid plans except for the book club book announcement and the college advisory appointment, so I filled it out with anything I could come up with that I needed to work on. On Thursday and Friday you can see I used the last row for TV shows again, but since there weren't any weekend shows I watch, I added one of those weekday tabs to Saturday and wrote down a project we talked about doing this weekend, (we are in the process of switching around and reorganizing/reassigning all the bedrooms in the house) but I'm not sure if we will get around to it, and on Sunday I added some art projects I wanted to do if I had time. 

The rest of the week I just added little notes for myself and organized it by importance form top to bottom like I did on the other page. 

So I guess the rest of this page is pretty self explanatory! This post is long enough already. 😂

So here is my final layout for the week all filled out. I hope you found some fun inspiration through this post and I can't wait to do it again next month maybe! 😊 Thanks for reading! 

So what did you think of this post? Would you like to see more like this in the future? I am planning to do a different theme to decorate it with every month, so I could pick a week out of each month to show you! I think my next one would be at the end of August for a kind of back to school celebration, where I would show you my new schedule involving school! 😊

What about you? Do you have exciting plans for the rest of the summer/this fall? Have you ever done a post like this? Link me to them! I would love to see them! 

Until next time! Bye! ♡

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  1. This is awesome and you're so organised ahh!! I actually tried to have a journal/bullet journal/planner last year but...realised I firstly do not have a life and secondly hate handwriting so I never filled it in.😂So this year I've just stuck to a reading log, but SOMEDAY I will conquer planners!! Anyway I love your set up and how pretty you've made it too!

    1. Yeah I really don't have a life either I realized. XD BUT I am starting school again for the first time in two years so hopefully it will be more helpful then. And I am DETERMINED to use it so I'm NOT GIVING UP! XD XD