May 19, 2018

Summer Lovin' Book Tag!

Hey fellow book nerds! Since today is my local school district's official first day of summer, I thought it would be fun to do a summer themed book tag that I found on YouTube! You can find the original, created by Richard @ Richard The Book Freak, here.

Now let's get on to some summer fun! (I know, I'm so cheesy. 😜)


Start of Summer: Pick a book with an attention grabbing first sentence.

Don't Look Back

I don't know about just the first sentence, but the whole first chapter of this book was so gripping and really sucked me in right away, which was pretty refreshing since before reading this I don't think I've had a book to that to me in a while.

Too hot to go outside: pick a book for a day inside.

A Study in Charlotte (Charlotte Holmes, #1)

For this question I picked this A Study in Charlotte. I'm reading it right now and every time I put it down I end up daydreaming about it and I want more! So a day where I am stuck inside with lots of time to finish it would be perfect for this one because I really want to binge the rest of it! 😊

Summer road trip: pick a book that you would want to take with you on a road trip.

Girl Online On Tour (Girl Online, #2)

Well I'm going to be reading this next week for the "read the second book in a series" category for the Duodecathon challenge, and next weekend we are going on a little road trip to my friend's house for Memorial Day weekend, so hopefully I can finish it in the car. It's definitely a summery book setting with a road trip across Europe, and I don't think I've ever read a book like that before and I liked the first book, so I'm excited. 😊

Iced tea goodness: pick a book with a cold setting.

Shattered (Alaskan Courage, #2)

I'm going with this one. I read it last summer, even though it was set during the winter. 😂 It's partially in Alaska and partially in Canada, so those are definitely cold settings. 


Nasty sunburn: pick a book that you've disliked so far this year.

The Sound
(SIGH) Where do I even start with this? I just finished it yesterday, (if you call "finishing" it technically DNF'ing at 27% and skipping over the rest of it to see how it ends) and I was expecting a murder mystery, when all I got was a trashy teen romance. The murder didn't even happen until 160 pages in! 160 PAGES!!!! 😡 And when I did skip ahead to the end to find out who the killer was, it just seemed kind of random and not justified very well? 
Also there were so many situations in there that just weren't realistic and it was all just so ridiculous and literally all the characters cared about over anything else was sex and alcohol. Like NO thanks! And they were all so cliche and badly written and just UGH! I think I hate this one even more than Nerve, guys! It was just soooo disappointing! Okay I should probably stop now before this turns into a full blow rant...

Sizzling read: recommend one of your favorite books.


 There are so many books that I love, but I decided to go with my favorite book that I read last year, Uprising by Margaret Peterson Haddix. This is an AMAZING tear jerking historical fiction about the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire of 1911. There are SO MANY good things in here, like feminism and friendship and the suffrage movement. Plus it's about a fire...and there's fire on the cover, so I thought it was a "sizzling" read, haha get it? 😂 yeah...I probably shouldn't be making jokes about it. 😳

How did you like this short and sweet tag? When is your first day of summer? What are you looking forward to the most? I can't wait to go on a mini road trip for Memorial Day next weekend! I'm planning to do lots of reading. 😉

Thanks for reading and I'll see you back here on Tuesday!

Bye! ♡

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