May 5, 2018

April Wrap Up + May Goals!


Hey Guys! Well last month felt like it dragged by and I didn't do much reading at all because of Camp Nano, but luckily I made my goal of 35,000 words so that's good! 
But mostly I think it felt like it dragged because spring couldn't get here fast enough! And now that it's actually here, it feels like freaking fall! 😩 Ugh SERIOUSLY our weather is crazy here! It's so frustrating because at the beginning of April it was so warm and sunny and it really felt like spring even though we still had snow on the ground, and now that it's May the snow is gone but it's still mostly all brown and dead outside and it's been rainy and windy almost nonstop for the past couple of weeks! It's really bad today especially it's like we are literally having a storm or something. The wind is literally throwing the rain against the window as I write this and it's so LOUD. Ugh where is all the sunshine and warmth and greenery?! COME BAAAAACK! 😭

Ugh, okay. Enough complaining. I should probably move on to a more positive note of things that I accomplished...or didn't accomplish. 😂

  • Win Camp Nano with my goal of 35,000 words, and hopefully finish the first draft of my project at the same time.  Well I didn't finish the draft because I was more focused on just getting the words down than actually progressing the story which probably isn't smart, but at least I won! 😄
I'm so proud of myself because this is the first time where I feel like I've actually won! Last summer I technically won, but it was a 5,000 word short story and I kept shortening my goal so I would win, so basically I cheated. 😂 But this time I actually stuck with it and didn't give up during week two like I usually do, and even when I got behind a couple days I actually wrote 3,000 words in one day to catch up, which I had to do more than once. (As you can see from the uneven chart. 😆)
  • World build/plot my fantasy series a little more. Uh well, if you count adding a bunch more crap to my Pinterest boards which are already a complete mess of digital hoarding that I don't need to be adding any more to, then yeah I totally did this. 😂
  • Work on driving. I did a little bit. And I drove on an actual street a few times guys! 😱 And it was 9 at night but since it was the end of April and it's Alaska, there was still light out and not many people around so it wasn't so bad! And even though the sun was out I still got to count it as night driving. 😉
  • Keep cooking. Yeah, kinda.
  • Try to cut back on sugar. Hah ah ha hah haaaa.....yeah no. 😅
  • Use my planner a little more efficiently. Ugh my life just isn't full enough to fill it up and it's depressing. I've mostly just been writing little to do lists on my phone and I want to break that habit.
  • Get back to bullet journaling! Ha ha...other than using my page with my TBR on it where I color each book on a shelf I drew when I finish it, I haven't even touched it.
  • Paint my nails at least once? Ha ha....yeah I haven't even had time. I want to do that again.
  • Don't fall too behind with my TV watch list. Well, kinda towards the end I did. I think I have about a whole weeks worth to catch up on. And GUYS have you seen The Crossing on ABC yet? It's so creepy but it's sooooo GOOD! 😄
  • Try to be more social? Eh????? I went hiking in the mountains in the snow with my friend once, so that's something. 😂
  • Keep collaborating with other bloggers.✅
  • Keep planning posts in advance. Sort of? It's been kinda hard this month with Nano. But now that it's over, it'll be better!
  • Get better at moderating my book club! Kind of? I don't know what else to do with it though. 😔


Lost in a Book✅
A Thousand Pieces of You✅
Don't Look Back✅
All American Girl❌

Books Read: 4

Books Finished: 3

 Total Pages Read: 941

Average Rating: 4 stars

Yeah this was a sloooow reading month because of Nano, but I am planning to read a lot more during May!



 *Some of these are not necessarily just goals for this month, but ones I want to continue to work on throughout the summer.

  • Finish up details with FOCUS
  • Start thinking about what to do for July Camp Nano?
  • Plot The Quiet Girl more
  • Keep world building fantasy series
  • Start outlining fantasy series?
  • Work more on April Camp Nano's project
  • Make a weekly writing schedule for myself and stick to it
  • Make monthly writing goals for myself and learn to prioritize
  • Set up notebook for pirate series? 
  • Write letters to my friends
  • Figure out a Mother's Day gift
  • Decide on a art project for the fair My state fair in August has an art exhibit/contest that I'm thinking about entering just because I've never done it before and it would be something new to try so I can have more of a long term project to work on I guess. (other than writing and blogging of course. 😉) I know I am nowhere near a pro but anyone can enter and it would give me a chance to develop my art skills and just for fun! 😊
  • Practice piano Ugh I really want to get back into this! 
  • Practice making bookmarks
  • Paint nails more often
  • Bullet journal again and finish the pages I started!
  • Practice driving more
  • Decorate planner more and use it more efficiently 
  • Catch up on shows/movies I want to see
  • Make a giant list of all the popular books I need to read and series I need to finish so I can make a rough draft of books I should try to read next year? Yes I know, I'm so lame I plan out all the books I'm gonna read and I know it's waaaay to early to start thinking about this, but I can't help it, I like being organized! And I'm tired of being out of the loop with all of these hyped up series I haven't read so I really need to prioritize! 
  • Go on road trips around the state again this summer
  • Go hiking and kayaking again!
  • Go camping?
  • Read outside again! If the weather would freaking cooperate! Ugh! 😩
  • Hopefully get a job at the fairgrounds since the bookstore job didn't work out. 😔
  • Get a couple of my real life friends to buddy read something with me? Ha ha this probably won't happen.
  • Organize books I have and update my owned books shelf on Goodreads
  • Celebrate my 100th post!
  • Do a collab tag
  • Do a collab discussion
  • Buddy read Calamity sometime with Amy!

All-American Girl (All-American Girl, #1)

Start and Finish: 

A Study in Charlotte (Charlotte Holmes, #1)Girl Online On Tour (Girl Online, #2)Secrets of My Hollywood Life (Secrets of My Hollywood Life, #1)

The Naturals (The Naturals, #1)  The Sound

Okaaaaay so these long lists of goals are probably very overly ambitious, but hey, it's spring! I'm feeling motivated again to be productive and try new things and have a fresh start! Cough cough, let's see how fast I'll crash and burn. Okay, that's not very optimistic, but whatever. 😂

What are your goals for this month? How did April go for you? And did you do Camp Nano? What was your goal? Let me know!

And I'll see you on Tuesday! Bye! ♡


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  1. Congrats on winning Camp NaNo! I’m impressed by people who can write that much. Good luck with your May goals.

    Aj @ Read All The Things!

    1. Awe thanks!
      And yeah it's a lot of work. Idk how people can make it to 50,000 words in a month for the real thing in November. XD I have to work up to it.

  2. CONGRATS on winning Camp NaNo! One of my goals this year to write more but I've been failing. I've bought all the pretty notebooks you can imagine and they are all blank. I'm working on actually putting pen to paper, or hands to keyboard actually anything to get me to write.

    I have a bullet journal! I love it but lately I haven't been keeping up with it like I use to. I have tons of pages I need to color but they haven't been touched in months.

    Best of luck on your May goals!

    Tina @ As Told By Tina

  3. Heather @ The Frozen Book BlogMay 9, 2018 at 3:10 PM

    Writing more was one of my resolutions too, and I feel like I've failed a little bit already because i haven't worked on anything at all except for during Nano, and I need to fix that. :P
    I LOOOOOVE pretty notebooks! They are the best! But I really don't need any more because I'm starting to have trouble figuring out what to put in them. :/
    Same. I really need to get back to using my bullet journal because there are so many blank pages that i have ideas for that I haven't even touched. XD

  4. Congrats on winning Camp Nano, getting words on the page is what matters! The 'making it make sense' part comes later ;) Cutting down on sugar is a great goal! Have you seen That Sugar Movie? It's a great documentary.

  5. Heather @ The Frozen Book BlogMay 21, 2018 at 3:57 PM

    Thanks! :)
    And no I haven't.
    I've pretty much failed my goal of cutting back on sugar lready I think. XD