May 15, 2018

A Look Inside My WIP Pinterest Board


Hey guys! I had a little trouble with coming up for a post today, but then I decided it would be fun to share some of my favorite photos from one of my Pinterest boards for one of my writing WIPs! 

So today I am giving you a look into my board for Krynda Island, a civilization within my fantasy series, The Chronicles of Alexya, or COA for short. I still have a lot of work to do with plotting and world building and you know, actually writing it, 😂 but I have enjoyed creating inspiration boards for it, so I am excited to show you a little glimpse of what I have built up in my mind for this part of the series and explain my thoughts behind the images, so let's go!
 My original inspiration for Krynda Island came from the Indians in the 2015 movie, Pan. It's not my favorite version of Peter Pan, but I liked how whimsical and colorful the culture of the natives of Neverland was in that movie, so I wanted the inhabitants of my island to take after them in a way, with a love of whimsy and bright colors. And no, COA isn't going to be a Peter Pan retelling, (maybe I will write one someday,) but Krynda Island is just inspired by the Indians and Neverland itself.

First off, let me introduce you to the island. When I first started building it, I knew I wanted it to be tropical, and at least in part inspired by Neverland, but that was pretty much it. But as I scrolled through Pinterest, I found these awesome pictures of entire cities of tree houses, and I knew that that was what the civilization on this island would look like. I loved the idea that they would all be dreamers with their heads in the clouds, which is part of why they would build their entire world in the trees. They could string their buildings together by building bridges from the tree limbs and using zip lines to carry supplies and rope swings as elevators and...okay I'm starting to get carried away now, but you can imagine all of the possibilities! 😄



I especially love imagining their houses being cradled in whimsical looking trees like the one above.


Living on a tropical Island, of course they would have lots of seafood and tropical fruit, but I also imagined them having a sort of New Orleans Cajun inspired cuisine too, like the gumbo in the middle row. Along with loving bright colors, Kryndarians love all kinds of spices. 😋




And finally for the fun and most important part. Their clothing style!


I imagine them wearing colorful headdresses like these, which definitely remind me of Pan, except for the one on the right. I just included that one because it looks very beautiful and island-y. 😂

I also imagine that they would wear accessories like these above. I especially like the glass locket filled with tiny shells and sea glass. I can imagine someone from the island having one just like it. Maybe it can be important to the plot somehow, hmm...

And here we have some of the clothes. I haven't given too much thought about this yet, just that I wanted something whimsical but practical for living on an island, like clothing that looks like it was made from nature, or inspired by it somehow. 


I love the colorful cloaks that look like bird wings, and both of the dresses on the bottom. I love how the one on the right is inspired by the ocean with a layer of fishnet on top. Plus it's a very beautiful shade of blue.😊

Now finally, one of the most important parts of the Kryndarian culture: (At least that I have come up with so far.😂)
 Face paint! I have said above that whimsy and bright colors will be a big part of their culture, and living on an island I imagine that they would have a reverence for nature, so they would sometimes paint flowers, leaves, tress, animals, and insects, or just lots of color with no specific design.


 Some could be more simple, or some could be really elaborate, depending on each person's tastes. Everyone on the island paints their face differently every day; sometimes getting up before dawn to pay more attention to detail, and all the Kryndarians are naturally skilled artists and kids as young as five can do the really detailed paintings. 
And the mentality behind the face painting is like they see their skin as canvases, so it's kinda like a temporary tattoo or makeup, but way more over the top.



Wasn't that fun?! 😄 What did you think of this post? Is this something you would want to see more of in the future? I could make it into a monthly segment if you would like to get a look into more of my WIP boards, because I have a lot more I could show you! 😊 If you want to follow me on Pinterest, you can right here, and if you want to see more of the board I featured in this post, can here! 

Well that's all I have for now, thanks for reading, and I will see you on Saturday!

Bye! ♡

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