May 8, 2018

100 Posts! 25 Bookish Facts About Me


Hey Book Bloggians! Today I wanted to do something kinda special to celebrate my 100th post on this blog, so I decided to share with you 25 Bookish Facts About Me, which is a tag that I have seen everywhere all over the internet, but I have no idea who started it, so if it was you, then I give you all the credit! 😊

Now without further ado, here are some random book related facts about me that took me forever to come up with: 😂

Number One: 

I am usually pretty good at guessing how books end. I don't think that it's necessarily that the book is badly written or too predictable or anything, it's just that I'm apparently too intuitive. I will be reading some murder mystery or something and as soon as some character is introduced my brain will be like "it was probably them" even when there are ZERO clues or foreshadowing or anything that makes you think they did it yet. And most of the time I'll be right??? 😧 And sometimes it's cool cuz I like being right, but it's also kind of annoying because I feel like I'm spoiling it for myself without actually spoiling it. 😂

Number Two:

Before I started blogging I used to read 8 to 12 books all at the same time without getting them confused and mixed up in my head. I still can, but I realized that made me read slower and now that I have a book blog I thought that it would be a little too stressful so now I read about 4 to 6 at a time, and I think that's a pretty good number for now.

Number Three:

My first job was a student assistant librarian when I was in high school and I loved every minute of it. 😊

Number Four:

I've been to Harry Potter World at Universal in Orlando even though I'm not a fan. 😳 My mom and I just were curious and we really like riding rides so we went in and rode them all for fun since we were at the park anyway, even though we didn't really get any of what was going on around us. 😂

Number Five:

I like, never reread books, but I am thinking I might want to change that someday, even though my Goodreads TBR has like 2,000 books on it. 😱 
I have already made a list of favorite books that I would want to reread if I ever get around to it. 

Number Six:

I am trying to develop and practice my art skills so one day I can maybe open and Etsy shop and make bookmarks for it just because I think that could be fun.

Number Seven:

I like having my bookshelves organized in specific ways. Sometimes I will change up the way it's organized just for fun. Once I had it organized from oldest to newest, so I would keep adding on new books at the end of the shelf whenever I bought them. Then, when I was down at college I had a shelf organized like a library; alphabetically by author's last name, and now just for fun I have it alphabetically by author's first name. And I always keep my finished books separate from my TBR and my books that I'm currently reading, just like on Goodreads. 😂 
Also I always keep my series together. I love the way rainbow shelves look but I could never do that to my books because it means I might have to break up the series. And I CAN'T! They are a FAMILY UNIT!! AND OHANA MEANS FAMILY! 

Ahem, sorry. I got kinda carried away there. Where was I? Oh yeah.

Some day I would want to organize it by genre in the future though, which I think I could do because not many series change genres in the middle, at least not that I know of. But as you can see, breaking up series would really bother me! 😂

Number Eight:

Stickers on book covers really don't bother me that much as long as they aren't covering up something important, like part of the title or a specific detail of the cover art. If it's kinda off to the side in a kind of blank space, it's fine.

Number Nine:

I grew up reading the Junie B. Jones books by Barbara Park. My grandma who lived in Florida would send one to me every so often and we would read them together and talk about them, like a little long distance book club. I'm pretty sure I've read all of the ones ever published.

Number Ten:

I love reading (or writing about) sibling relationships in books because I am an only child and I have always wanted siblings and wondered what it would be like to have one. It's fun to vicariously live through fictional characters that way, and very few of the characters that I've created are only children like me, which may not be smart because I should probably "write what I know," but I like to think I can guess pretty closely what sibling relationships can really be like from watching TV and reading books. 😂

Number Eleven:

I have never been to any big book events like signings or midnight release parties or cons/expos are anything like that. Alaska is just to far away and too expensive to travel out of and things like that just don't really happen here.

Number Twelve: 

I don't like reading too many reviews of a book before I read it. And even if a book has a lot of bad reviews, I will usually ignore it if the book still looks really interesting to me because I want to form my own opinions. And who knows? Even if the book isn't that great, I could still find some inspiration in it for my own stories and be glad I read it anyway.

Number Thirteen:

I can appreciate poetry, but I definitely don't gravitate toward reading or writing it. 

Number Fourteen:

I used to have five bookshelves in my room. (They weren't all filled with books though. Some had snow globes, stuffed animals, photo frames, and other knickknacks like that.) Now I only have one small one. 😭

Number Fifteen:

I think mass market paperbacks are really ugly. 😳

Number Sixteen:

I keep the dust jacket on my hardcovers even when I read them. I don't understand the point of taking it off. Like why would you not want to show off the pretty cover art? That's what it's there for! 

Number Seventeen:

I almost never go to the library and I kinda feel ashamed about it. I just feel like it's harder to find a good YA selection sometimes and some of the books just aren't in good condition. Same with used bookstores. UGH but I feel so vain admitting that because it's true I pretty much only like new books, or sometimes used but only if they are in really good condition! BUT I DON'T WANT TO BE MATERIALISTIC! UGH! 😩

Number Eighteen:

Deckled pages are the WORST. Just leave the smooth!

Number Nineteen:

I can never watch a movie adaption before reading the book. I've done it before and it just really messes me up. If I want to see both the movie and read the book, I need to read the book first, or else my brain will accept the movie as what "really happened" in the story, and if I try to read the book after, if there are any differences, I'll end up hating the book and liking the movie more. But if I read the book first, even if there are some differences, there is a much better chance that I will like the book and the movie pretty equally. I have no idea why, It's just how my brain works. 😂 This also explains why I am sooooo behind on so many adaptions.

Number Twenty:

One day I want to own these gorgeous collector's editions of The Hunger Games:

 See the source imageSee the source image 
They're just so preeeeetty! I just have to have them, okay?! I have wanted them literally for years!  😩

Number Twenty One:

Speaking of The Hunger Games they were my first big fandom that I was a part of. I first heard of them when I was in 7th grade, and at first they didn't seem like my kind of thing that I would want to read, but eventually something got me to read them, (I don't even remember what it was) and I was instantly swept up into the fandom and the world of YA. I read all of the books before each of the movies came out, I collected those collectable behind the scenes magazines about the movies, I have a mockingjay pin on my backpack, I have a set of mockingjay earrings and a necklace, I casually dressed up as Katniss when I went to see the first movie with my friends and even painted flames on my nails just like in the book, I went to a midnight double feature of Catching Fire and Mockingjay Part One for the premier of Mockingjay Part One with my Mom, and I went to see Mockingjay Part Two with a friend and almost cried when it was over. THIS was my Harry Potter, guys! This is what I grew up on. I read the first book when I was 13 and the last movie cam eout when I was 17, so it literally took up my entire teenage years! This is what got me in to YA and eventually blogging and just helped rekindle my love of books in general and I am so glad it did.

Number Twenty Two:

I can never read out loud because I hate the sound of my own voice and I am just way too introverted for that. It would feel so wrong and weird and I would get really easily distracted and it would be hard to concentrate on what is happening in the book and imagine all of the characters voices and stuff if all I could hear was my own voice!

Number Twenty Three:

I love collecting bookmarks! I just counted all of the ones I have and I have 52 that i have either made, bought, or acquired somehow over the years. 😂 I actually recently did a tour of all of the bookmarks I have in a post if you would like to see it. You can find it here.

Number Twenty Four:

There is an endless list of hyped series that I haven't read that I really want to. Here is just some of them I can think of off the top of my head:
Six of Crows
Throne of Glass
A Darker Shade of Magic
Anything by Morgan Matson
A Crown's Game
This Savage Song
The Nightingale
To All the Boys I've Loved Before
Turtles All the Way Down
Eliza and Her Monsters
The Darkest Minds
And soooooo many more but this list is getting too long. 😩

Number Twenty Five:

I definitely prefer hardcover books to anything else, and I very rarely use audiobooks or ebooks. 

So that's my 25 Bookish Facts About Me!! I hope you enjoyed it! If you think this tag looks fun, then you can do it too! I would love to see what you come up with! 😊

That's all I have for now so I'll see you on Saturday! Bye! ♡

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