Apr 21, 2018

My Bookmark Collection Tour!


Hey guys! Today I am taking a break from Camp Nano, so I thought it would be fun to show you my bookmark collection!

 Here are my pink bookmarks that I grouped together because you know, aesthetic. 😂 
But going counter clockwise is a Vera Bradley bookmark that came with a matching notebook, a clip on pink arrow one that came in a set of multi-colored ones, those are very handy for when you have to stop in the middle of a chapter and you can't remember where you were on the page and you don't want to accidentally spoil yourself! You can point right to where you were! 😄 (I only kept the blue and pink ones though, since those are my favorite colors. I think I gave the other ones away.) 
On the bottom is one I was given, and I wrote the quote on with a Sharpie and outlined it with glitter gel pens, which I'm sorry I forgot to get it at a good angle where you can see it. 😞 But next to it is one I got at Barnes & Noble, which is one of my favorites, and finally at the top right corner is a set of these adorable magnetic ones I also got at Barnes & Noble. I think they used to be scented, but it wore off a long time ago. 😂

On the left is another one I think I also got at Barnes & Noble years ago, on the top is a compliment card that came in with my Erin Condren Planner, but they make great bookmarks! 😄 The one with the mountains is one I made from a paint sample card. I drew the mountains on with a Sharpie, outlined the only right side of them with silver pen to make it look like the sun shining on the snow, and I wrote with a green pen a quote I found on Pinterest; "The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only one page." Which I am kind of annoyed with because I was lazy and the spacing looks terrible, and I am not sure I like that quote so much since I am not that into travel, but oh well. I definitely need to practice more before I open my dream Etsy shop one day. 😂
And on the bottom is a bookmark that came in the October 2016 Once Upon A Dream box, to promote the New World series by Jennifer Wilson.

See, this is what it looked like on the back.

And here is a better picture of the one I made.

In this picture is another magnetic bookmark I have with a Footprints in the Sand quote, another compliment card from Erin Condren, A really pretty and glittery peacock one that I have had for years that I think I got from Barnes & Noble, a cool eagle one that is one of those layered holographic (is that what they're called?) ones where the picture moves. And at the top is my blue clip on arrow.

At the top left corner is a bookmark that came in a calligraphy type kit that my mom got me, and it has the design on the edge that I just filled in with my silver pen to make it stand out more, and I added the quote: book lover. On the bottom is another one that came in that kit. It had the book, speech bubble, and "relax" on it, but I added "read &" in my silver pen and added color with blue, pink, and gold color pencils. 
In the center is one I got from my college, the little one next to it (it says reading is dreaming with open eyes on it, which I really like) came with a wicked witch bookmark that I ordered on Etsy that I will show you later, and the metal one is one my friend's mom gave me for Christmas.

Here is a better look at this one, so you can see the colors better.

And a close up of this one.

The one at the top is another one that came with the kit like the two above, and it had the designs on the sides in gray, but I colored them in with a gold pen and wrote in the quote with a font I found on Pinterest. I think it turned out really pretty, even though it isn't centered perfectly.
Underneath it is a gold metal one I got myself as a "prize" for finishing the Iditaread challenge, and it's this really pretty design with a musher and his team of dogs with mountains in the back ground.  
And next to that is this gorgeous Beauty and the Beast bookmark that my friend's mom got in a Disney description thing she had, and she thought I might like it, so I'm so grateful that she thought of me, because it's one of my favorites!

This is what it looks like from the back. It has a beautiful silhouette of Belle inside of the Beast's, and one of my favorite quotes from the song, Belle. 😊

Just look how well it goes with this book! 😍😍😍

On the left is another paint sample one I made, with my initial H with blue polka dots and purple stripes inside of it, and some gold and silver detailing. I really like how this one turned out. 😊 On the top is one I made years ago from extra scrapbook paper that I had leftover from something else, and on the right is another one I got from Barnes & Noble recently. I love the pun, it's so cute! 😂

At the top left is on I got for free at my library, underneath it is one I got at a local bookstore, (I love the cute owl!) in the middle is one my mom gave me that she got somewhere, next to it is a random one with a book riding a bike that I can't remember where it came from 😂, and above it is one I got from church.

The one with the trees came with a graduation gift from a family friend, the one in the middle is another scrapbook paper one I made, (it's sparkly and has a jungle theme with little animals on it) on the bottom right is another adorable one I got from Barnes & Noble, on the top is a souvenir I got from Powell's City of Books in Portland Oregon when I visited when I was 14, (I would LOVE to go back someday, it's amazing!) and the rest are these cute little sprout shaped bookmarks that I got on Amazon. You can use them like a normal bookmark, or stick them in the middle like I've shown, so it looks like little green leaves are magically growing right out of your book! 😂

On the top left is a bookmark that says "peace" on it, that I think I also got at Barnes & Noble, (I've had it a long time) On the bottom is another one with a Footprints in the Sand quote, in the middle is another one from Barnes & Noble with an awesome quote that I love, on the top right is a souvenir I got at the Disney resort, Aulani in Hawaii when I went there for my 16th birthday, and on the bottom right is one with pretty autumn leaves with a Bible verse on it, but I can't remember where I got it.

On the top left is a business card that I think came in a book box, across from it is a reindeer one that came as a tag on a Christmas present from my grandma, in the middle is another one of my favorite ones, the wicked witch one that I got from Etsy here, and the two on the bottoms are handouts that I got at church. (one is the same as one in a picture above; I didn't realize had two of them! 😂)

Look at the ruby slippers sticking out! They are so cute! 😂

On the top is a coloring book one that as I got as a gift, and I colored them in with markers and added detailing with my glitter pens, and added "Read" in a font I found on Pinterest, and added glitter detailing to that too. 😊 Under it on the left is another one I got at church, and on the right is another one of my favorites that I also got at Barnes & Noble. (Can you tell I love Barnes & Noble? 😂)

Here's a close up. 😊

And this cute little bucket I got as a gift from my summer camp counselors when I was 16. It was filled with candy, but it makes a great place to put bookmarks!

So that's all for my bookmark collection! I hope you enjoyed this post! 😄


Well this was a fun post! Kind of a pain to photograph though. What do you think of my collection? And would you like to see more posts like this in the future? And have you ever done a bookmark collection tour on your blog before? I would love to see it! Comment with your links below! 😊

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  1. These are so cool! Most of my bookmarks are just advertisements for bookstores. I’m afraid I’d lose a fancy bookmark and then be sad.

    Aj @ Read All The Things!

    1. Heather @ The Frozen Book BlogApril 22, 2018 at 11:07 AM

      Awe thank you! And that IS sad. :( They are fun to collect though if you can keep track of them! XD