Apr 24, 2018

At Her Fingertips by Kellyn Roth Blog Tour, Review and Character Interview!


Hey fellow book nerds! 

Last summer I had the privilege of joining Kellyn Roth's blog tour for the release of Ivy Introspective, the 2nd book in The Chronicles of Alice and Ivy, where she wrote a guest post on my blog, which you can read here! 

Now she's back at it again this spring with the publication of the 3rd book in the series, At Her Fingertips! 😄

This blog tour is even more exciting than the last one because I was able to be a beta reader for Kellyn earlier this year and help her with her edits as she was finishing up her final drafts to get AHF ready for publication! It was really fun to be in on the action and compare notes with Kellyn and see how the story was tweaked and developed into the awesome book it is today! 

So, for this blog tour, I volunteered to write a review of At Her Fingertips, (just a mini one, since this post would be pretty long) and to host an interview with one of her characters from the book, which was amazing! 😄 

But first, a little bit about Kellyn:

Author Bio
Kellyn Roth was born and lives on a cattle ranch in North-Eastern Oregon. Always fascinated with telling stories, she created crazy games to play with her little brothers as a child. Today, she writes Christian and Historical Fiction with a focus on truth and family. Find out more about her and her novels at kellynrothauthor.com
Social Media
Facebook: @krauthor
Twitter: @ReveriesofRuby
Goodreads: krauthor
Instagram: kellbellroth
Pinterest: krauthor
YouTube: Kellyn Roth
Personal Blog: kellynroth.wordpress.com

And now, without further ado, here is my short review of At Her Fingertips!

My Rating:

It was really interesting to see Alice and her sister as adults as apposed to when they were little kids in the first two books. I actually think I like her better as an adult! 😂 I really like how her personality came out a little more and how we were able to see how she and the other characters have matured. I really loved how they were all written too; I loved the playful banter between Alice and Kirk, and I really saw myself in Peter and in Ivy. It was fun to get to see all of their personalities develop a little bit.

Overall I think it is my favorite out of the whole series series so far, which I was surprised about. It was cool to see how things have changed in Alice's life in between the last book and now, since so much time has passed. I also love how it is clear to see how much Kellyn's writing has improved and developed in this book from the last two, which is one of the reasons why this book was my favorite. Not that Kellyn's writing was terrible in the other books or anything! I just think it is has matured a lot, which is a good thing! 😂
My favorite part was the ending. I was surprised at how happy I was with who Alice ended up with and it was so cute and perfect it almost made me want to cry with joy!


And now...the interview with Peter Strauss, a 26 year old writer from America and one of Alice's love interests! (Not to mention Kellyn's very own favorite character! 😉)

Describe your personality in your own words.

Hello there. *waves* I'd describe myself as quiet, cautious, and imaginative. I'm not very brave or forceful, but I do try my best to do what's right. I'm honestly a little bland. *bashful grin*

What was the first story you ever wrote, and how old were you?

Oh, um ... it was a story about pirate bandits. Or something. I don't remember exactly. I was probably five. So it was pretty horrific. *clears throat* I just really don't want to talk about it. I'm no Shakespeare, and this was never more true than when I was five ...

When did you realize for the first time that you wanted to be a writer?

I think I've always known. When I was small, I always assumed I'd be a reporter - it sounded like such a glamorous job. Also, I always was telling my younger siblings and cousins stories and making up imaginary worlds to play in. My mother wrote down my first story for me - and since then, I haven't been seen without a pencil in years. Or so I'm told. I swear I put them away sometimes ...

What was your inspiration for your novel, War of Brothers?

It was a combination of seeing how the (Civil) war effected the people around me - particularly my father - and the friendship I have with my cousin, Riley. I'd say the war parts are about my father and the friendship parts are about me and Riley.

A lot of people died during that war - and a lot of people were either caught fighting on the wrong side or broke off from their family and friends to pursue what they believed to be right, whether it was or not. I know of so many men who either fought for a cause they didn't believe in or threw away their fealty to nation and family. For some, those were the only options.

Do you have any hobbies beside writing?

Er, yes. I enjoy reading. *glances around* That's basically it. I also sing sometimes.

If War of Brothers is successful, will you write more books? And what do you think they would be about?

I definitely hope to! I will most likely continue writing even if War of Brothers isn't successful. I can't help myself; writing is just something I do. I have few ideas in the works - Song of the Yankees is one, which is more philosophical than War of Brothers but has some of the same subjects. It might have a sad ending, though I still don't know if I can bring myself to do that to my characters. Then O Susanna! which is a Gold Rush story with a romantic subplot. Yes, I occasionally write romance. Women aren't the only ones with emotions, you know ...

(And just for fun, here is some mock book covers for Peter's books that Kellyn made! 😄)


What is your favorite memory of each of your siblings?

Hmm, let me see.

Andrew and I were never very close. He's always been our father's son, while I tend to take after our mother a little. But I remember how much fun we used to have playing in the garden behind our house.

Carole is easy - telling her bedtime stories. She used to love them! She still always asks to read what I've written, though sometimes I can be bashful about sharing it.

Dally, my little baby sister, is a tough one - I have so many sweet memories with her. I used to tell her stories, too, and sing her to sleep and played games with her. Honestly, there are just too many to choose from!

Then there's Maddie. Though she's not my sister by blood, she's practically adopted into our family. Her parents died within a few months of each other leaving Maddie alone, and we took her in. She's a little less than a year younger than me. My favorite memory with Maddie is our talks. She's a lot like me, and we think the same in many ways - which is why *silently glares at teasing sisters* we're just friends. Also, she's married now. To my best friend. *clears throat*

What was your first impression of England?

Very foggy and crowded. Of course, I've only been in London, so I don't have a very good idea. I'm sure it's a very fine country. Just ... what I saw was foggy and crowded. No offense meant.

If you could travel anywhere else in the world, where would you go?

Oh, I don't know! Perhaps Germany. My family is German, and I've heard my grandmother rhapsodize about it often enough. And I can speak the language and know the customs, so it'd be a lot easier for me to get along there than in, say, France or Italy. But I wouldn't mind going anywhere. I like meeting different sorts of people.

What was the first thing that went through your mind when you met Alice? I mean, Miss Knight? 😉



I thought she was a very pleasant young lady who I'd like to make the acquaintance of and let's leave it at that.

Well that was my mini review of At Her Fingertips and my interview of Peter Strauss! This post was really fun to do and I hope you all enjoyed it!

But before you go, Kellyn is hosting a GIANT giveaway in honor of her blog tour, and you can enter it HERE! Don't miss out on a chance to win some of this cool stuff!:


Also here is the complete blog tour schedule so you can see where Kellyn will be stopping by next!

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Have you read any books by Kellyn? Isn't Peter just awesome and adorkable?! 😂
Thank you SO much to Kellyn for letting me beta read for her and to review AHF and interview one of her characters! That was all such a fun and unique experience and I really hope I will get to do it again some time! And thank YOU for sticking it out through this long post! 

Don't forget to follow along with the rest of the blog tour this week! 

And I will see you back here on Saturday with a review of Lost in a Book by Jennifer Donnelly, The Second Star Society's April Book of the Month! 

Byeeeee! 😄

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    1. Also, sorry for not getting around to commenting until now! I just started. xD These last couple weeks have been crazy ...

    2. Heather @ The Frozen Book BlogMay 4, 2018 at 3:52 PM

      It's ok! I'm glad you liked it! It was very fun to do. :) I'm sorry the pictures didn't come out though. I tried to fix them, but every time I log in they show up and seem fine so I couldn't figure out how to fix it. Oh well. XD