Mar 5, 2018

February Wrap Up and March Goals


Hey fellow book nerds! Wow, February flew by fast. Although I didn't do my last wrap up until halfway through the month so that makes it feel even shorter. Haha oops. 😂 But here I am doing it much earlier this time! 😊

I should at least start thinking about what I'm going to do for Camp Nano. 

Yeah...didn't even try. 😂

  • Work more on driving. I think I did this maybe only once, the person who has been teaching me was on vacation for a whole week this month, so my lessons kinda lagged.
  • Job hunt. Ugggh. I didn't even try. 😫 
  • Try to eat a little healthier. Uh...I had a salad? Once? I know, I need to do better. I've been drinking lots of water though, so that's good.
  • Cook more...but I also want to bake more...which won't help the healthy thing. 😂 I did this! Which is why I only bothered to have a salad once. I felt guilty for the brownie baking frenzy I've been on lately. There are so many different things you can add to them to make them amazing! Like raspberry syrup, chocolate chips, chocolate Oreos.....yummm...😋😋😋😋
  • Keep trying new things! Uh, kinda? I never remember what counts as a "new thing." Maybe I should be more specific in this goal? 😂
  • Make more bookmarks and other art! I did make some bookmarks! They turned out pretty good! Although they were coloring book ones, so it's not like I made them from scratch, but I did add my own details a little bit. 😊 I need to get back into bullet journaling though.
  • Keep using my planner. ✅
  • Practice piano! I should do this at least once before March! Yeah I probably won't actually do this, but we can dream! 😂 ........Yup, I didn't do it.
  • Get better at planning posts ahead of time! Ehhh....Kinda? I know this post is late, (this weekend was reeeaaally busy and I had zero time to work on blogging 😞) but other than this one I think I have been doing okay?
  • Make friends with other bloggers...somehow. 😱 I think I have! A girl on Goodreads was looking for other book bloggers to do a Q&A with her on her blog, and I thought it sounded fun, so I answered her questions and came up with some for her to answer on mine! So be on the lookout for that post next week! 😄
  • Keep up with my book club. Kinda? I feel like I've forgotten about it a little bit. I've still been reading the books, but I need to be a better moderator and post more things on the Goodreads page.
  • Be more original! I'm tryyingggg. 😩
  • Figure out how to make/upload a new header to my homepage. ✅ Thank you to the wonderful Sarah @ The Introverted Extrovert for giving me some instructions and helping me decide on the design! 😃
Toy Story 2 (1999) Quote (About save lives life hero gif)
Though I'm kinda annoyed that It's not centered. I couldn't figure out how to make it do that without changing the widths of my whole blog layout and making it look really weird, so I guess unless I can figure something else out, we're just going to have to live with it. 😞

  • Pick winners for my giveaway and send prizes! 😄✅ Congrats to Amy, Sabrina, and Claire for winning! And thank YOU all for participating! This was really fun and I hope I can do something like this again in the future! 😊

Beta reading At Her Fingertips✅
Once Upon A Dream✅
Rogue Wave✅
Ice Like Fire✅❌ Kinda. I finished it, but on March 3. And it was AWESOME! I was SO stressed out for the last 80 pages! There was so much going on and so many twists I couldn't handle it! It feels like it's been a while since the last time I was so invested in a book like that! It was my first 5 star read of 2018! 😄
Blackthorn Winter❌ I wasn't able to get to this one, but I just started it yesterday so hopefully I will be able to finish it in March.

Books Read: 4

Books Finished: 3

Total Pages Read: 1,103

Average Rating: 4 stars



Start seriously thinking about what goals I want to achieve and how to achieve them, and what the heck I am gonna do for camp Nano! 😱

  • Work more on driving.
  • Try to eat a little healthier...again. 😕
  • Cook more.
  • Be more artsy.
  • Use my bullet journal more.
  • Keep using my planner.
  • Do more reading/blogging challenges!
  • Practice piano at least once. I want to see if I still remember how to play Let It Go or not. 😂
  • And catch up on watching the Olympics and TV shows on my watch list. (OMG we watched the first episode of Anne with an E the other day and it was AMAZING! I had SO MANY FEEEELS! I wanted to jump through the screen and hug Anne and tell her I'll be her friend and her red hair is beautiful! 😭 Why does everyone have to be so mean to her?!) (Plus Timeless is FINALLY coming back on the 11th I'M SO EXCITED! And the VERY LAST season of Once Upon A Time is starting and noooooo I've been a devout oncer since episode one! How do I deal with all of these mixed feelings?! 😱)


  • Get better at planning posts ahead of time! I SERIOUSLY need to do this already and start planning waaay in advance. 😳
  • Keep making friends with other bloggers! 😊
  • Be better at keeping up with my book club!
  • Be more original! 
  • Figure out how to fix my new header somehow. 😕


Once Upon a KissBlackthorn WinterGeekerella
Start: (And finish)
Much Ado About Anne (The Mother-Daughter Book Club, #2)
How to Be Brave

Well that's it for this wrap up! What did you think? How was your February? What are some goals you have for this month? Did anyone else love Ice Like Fire? Are you going to be doing Camp Nanowrimo this April? And do any of you love OUAT, Timeless or Anne with an E too? I need someone to fangirl with! 😩

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  1. Good luck with your March goals! I believe you can accomplish all that. :)

    Aj @ Read All The Things!

  2. Heather @ The Frozen Book BlogMarch 6, 2018 at 12:28 PM

    Thank You!! :D

  3. I really liked Geekerella. Much Ado About Anne sounds interesting. I haven't heard of that one yet. Have you considered applying to work at your public library? I love it. It is a great job for bookworms and I get to see all the shiny new books.

  4. Heather @ The Frozen Book BlogMarch 7, 2018 at 5:08 PM

    Much Ado About Anne is the second book in the Mother-Daughter Book Club series by Heather Vogel Frederick. It's middle grade, but the characters grow up the further you get into the series. The first book they are starting 6th grade, but the last one they are about to go to college. It's a REALLY good series! I kind of accidentally read them out of order which I don't recommend. :P I read the first book, and all of the ones after Much Ado About Anne except for the last one. I fell in love with all of the characters and I really think it's a great series to try if you want to read more contemporary and read a book about book appreciation. XD
    I am thinking about working for my library, but I don't know yet.

  5. I enjoyed Geekerella very much and now have this author's next book ready to read. Good luck with your goals for March!

  6. Awe thank you! I hope I'll like Geekerella. I hope you like her new book too!