Mar 13, 2018

Blogger Q&A With Amy @ The Little Booknerds in the Corner!


(Whispers) Psst, guys! I think I made a friend! 😊

Today I am doing a blogger Q&A with Amy @ The Little Book Nerds in the Corner! I follow Amy on Goodreads, and I noticed she did a Q&A on her blog with another blogger, George @ Buried in Books, and she was looking for other bloggers to participate, so I sent her a message and asked if I could do it too! I asked if she wanted to answer some questions I came up with for her and return, and she said yes! So here is her part of the Q&A! 

Introduce yourself!

HI! My name is Amy and I am from London, England. I am 19 years old and a massive introvert who hides in books to feel calm. 

Why did you want to start a blog?

I originally started my blog to work with my friend to get our bookish opinions out in the world of book blogging. Now that my friend sadly left the blog, I am using the blog to express my feeling about books, connecting with other readers and obviously to fangirl the hell out of things.

What is your favorite thing about your blog?

I would have to say the different topics I have on my blog. I see other blogs who don't branch out in the different sort of blog posts they could do. So I guess my range of topics I offer on my blog is good. I love all of them. Even though there are some that I really need to do more posts for.

What is your favorite type of books to read? 

My favourite type of books to read is FANTASY! If you ever look back at all of my TBR's that I have posted on my blog, then you will see a lot of fantasy books on them. I honestly can't get enough of them. I still have so many waiting to be read, I can't wait to get to them. 

What is your most recent favorite book you've read?

Warbreaker from Brandon Sanderson. I keep thinking about that book even though I am currently reading another fantasy book. I NEED the sequel. I hate it how it's years to be released. If anyone can get Brandon Sanderson to work on the book before any others then that would be a great help.

Do you collect any bookish things other than books? (Bookmarks, fandom merch, etc?)

I collect bookmarks. Even though I don't go out of my way to get them. I love looking at them and thinking how nice they would be in my collection. 

If you had to name your future child after a fictional character, what name would you pick?

I would say Feyre, from A Court of Thorns and Roses by Sarah J. Maas. I don't know why, but this name is just amazing. I named my character on Monster Hunter World after her. I would love to name my daughter after her. Just need to find a way to get my future husband to agree to this. 

Do you have any hobbies outside of blogging/reading?

I love photography. I love sharing my love for photography on my personal Instagram account. I have been thinking about creating a website that has all of my images on it. But I would like to travel a bit more so I can have a larger group of images before I do that. If only I could be paid going around London and in other countries to get those pictures. That would be the dream; paid to travel.

If you started a book club, which book would you make everyone read?

Now that's a hard one, I think I would say any book by Brandon Sanderson. How I started to read Brandon Sanderson's books last year; I don't know how I survived. I think if maybe the first books in the book club would be anything to do with Brandon Sanderson. 

You've been kidnapped. You can call on one fictional character to make a rescue attempt. Who do you call? 

I would say Jamie Fraser from Outlander by Diana Gabaldon! He is an outlaw that is very smart. He is the perfect person to be rescued by. He is the sort of person that would save anyone if he wants to protect them. 

Thank you so much Amy! I love your answers! 😊 And I LOVE The Reckoners Series by Brandon Sanderson! Particularly Steelheart, which "ahem" I have...mentioned...on this blog many many times. (cough, cough) 😂

So what did you think for my first Q&A? You should totally check out Amy and George's blogs! They're really cool! If you want to check out the Q&A Amy did with me on her blog, you can see it here! 😊

Okay, I think that's pretty much it, so I'll see you back here on Saturday! Thank you for reading! Bye! ♡ 

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