Feb 3, 2018

Erin Condren 2018 Life Planner Unboxing!


Hi guys! Today I am showing you an unboxing of my 2018 Erin Condren Life Planner! 😄 I got it on sale on Cyber Monday as an early birthday present for myself, because I knew my life would get busy when I started working and I needed a place to keep track of my reading and blogging schedules. 😊 I'm SO excited to show it off, so here goes! 

*Btw, this post is not sponsored. I just bought it for myself and I'm writing a post on it because I thought it would be a fun idea. 😊

This is the box it came in! Isn't it so pretty? 

This is what I saw when I first opened it! 

Because it was my first order, they sent me a pack of gift tags, a gift card to give to a friend, and a post card. (I sent the post card to my friend, Kinzie. She loved it! 😄) 


This is what my planner looks like! 😄 I got the "Painted Petals" Life Planner, and it also came with a built-in ruler than you can just snap in and out of the coils!


I also got this awesome personalized cover that I can add to or take off my planner whenever I feel like. I got it in "Blossom" and the color I picked was Lagoon. I also got it to say "Professional Bookworm" which I really love! 😍


 Here is a pouch with an adhesive strip they included to keep extra stickers and whatever else I want in it, and also more gift tags and "compliment cards" you can give to people. (I'm keeping them to use as cute bookmarks, though. 😂)

This is the inside cover (which doubles as a dry erase board!) And the title page which is transparent with the Painted Petals design on it so on the next page you can write your name under "this is my life" and you can see through it. 

Next are these two quote pages which I really like. 

I think this is called the "year at a glance" page.

And this is the title page for January, and on the left is a page you can use for some kind of tracker. (I still haven't figured out what to use these pages for yet. 😜) (I LOVE the color and the quote for this month too!)

And then each month has the whole month layout like this...

 And each weekly layout looks like this, in their respective color schemes. (I'm not going to post a picture of every single page for each month after January's, just the title pages, because that would make this post incredibly long. 😂) 
(Oh and I forgot to mention, the planner style I chose was in colorful, and I got the vertical layout. They also have horizontal and hourly as options.) 


And of course February is in pink in honor of Valentine's Day...

And March is in this kind of a fresh springy green. 

April is in this nice purple that makes me think of rain. 😊

May is in this peachy kind of color. (I like this quote too.)

June is a dark green. (This is also a good quote.)

July is in this gorgeous dark blue that makes me think of the ocean. 😄

August is this golden yellow. 

September is in another shade of purple. 

October is in this perfect autumny orange. 😂 (I also like this quote too.) Yes I know autumny is not a word. 😜

November is in this really pretty blue!

And finally, December is in this bright green, though I wish this color scheme was switched with June's though. I think this green reminds me more of summer and June's is a little more Christmassy, but oh well.

They also included some notebook pages and bullet journal pages in the back! 😄

And coloring pages! 😃 

They also had an overlook of 2019!

And some pretty stickers!

There is also a folder to keep extra supplies. 😉 (As you can see I already added my previously owned stickers. 😂)

And last but not least, a perpetual planner, where you can write down special dates that occur annually. (Like birthdays.) It also has a list of holidays and a place to write important contacts and passwords. 😊

Well that's it for my first unboxing! Isn't Erin Condren stuff so cool? I LOVE my new planner and so far I'm really happy with it! 😄 You should totally check out their website! They have all kinds of cool stuff other than planners; like notebooks, stationary, home decor, and office supplies! And if you want to have a chance to win a $25 gift card to Erin Condren, (And also some free books 😊) I'm hosting a giveaway to celebrate my blog's first birthday! You have until February 12, So check it out at the end of this post!

Until Tuesday! Happy reading! ♡


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  1. I love love love your planner!

  2. Heather @ The Frozen Book BlogFebruary 27, 2018 at 6:06 PM

    Thank you! I love it too! I think I should do an updated post on how I decorated it and use it. ;)