Jan 9, 2018

Birthday and Book Fairies!


Hey Book Bloggians! Last Wednesday was my 20th birthday, (I know, I feel so old. 😂😱) And I was having trouble deciding what I wanted to do, and then it hit me: I could be a Book Fairy! I found this idea I think about a year ago, (I don't exactly remember when or where) I heard of this website called The Book Fairies, where they encourage people to hide books in public places for people to find and read! That sounded like SO much fun, and I thought it would be even more fun to do it for my birthday with a couple friends and decorate the books with ribbon and washi tape! 

The Book Fairies have official ribbons, bookmarks, and stickers that you can order to put on your books to inform people what they're all about and to let people know that these books are free to take home, and I was going to order some stickers, but since they are based in London, and I didn't really think of this idea until last minute, I didn't think they would get here in time, so we decided to just make our own little notes to put on the books we hid, and I would give The Book Fairies credit here on my blog. 😊

Anyway, get ready for a huge photo dump! 😂  

 My high school youth group leader Charity, offered to host at her house, and she decorated her dining room for the party and it's BEAUTIFUL! Totally Pinterest-worthy. 😂 (I LOVE the birch trees she paints on her windows every winter too.)
Beneath the dining room picture is this adorable little garland of book fairy wings that she cut out from pages of her books that she uses for crafts, and an AMAZING chocolate and Reese's cake that she took the time to make for me. 😍 We also ordered pizza for lunch and had chocolate/peanut butter ice cream with the cake for dessert! 😋

 I LOVE this collage that Charity made for me to put on my blog! (Left to right: fairy wing garland, a bowl of washi tape, other craft supplies we used, my birthday cake)

 My friend Kinzie writing a note for one of the books, and one of the books we decorated. I think Charity did that one. (The note says Find me? Keep me! ...a gift from the Book Fairy!)

More books we decorated! I love the old picture Kinzie chose to add to this book! Who doesn't get excited about free books?

On the left is another book Kinzie decorated. She thought the picture she chose was very fitting for the title of the book. 😄 And on the right is all of my books. Some were ones I decided to unhaul because I didn't enjoy them so much (but just because I didn't, doesn't mean someone else won't!) and the five on the bottom are ones I read and loved when I was little that I found copies of at Value Village. They were having a buy four, get one free sale and I got them all for under $10! Score! 😜

 On the left is a copy of Lost in a Book by Jennifer Donnelly that Kinzie gave me the night before as a gift, but I had already bought myself a copy of it for Black Friday, so I decide to include it in this. We placed the books in plastic bags to protect them, and filled them with glitter confetti for more decoration. (The note on Lost in a Book says: For the Belle in your life. A free book from The Book Fairies) On the right is all of the books ready to be distributed. 😊

 Kinzie and I holding up our books we picked to hide in a Library at a senior citizen home. 😄

 Here is a book we left on a counter in the post office.

Here is one I left in a basket at a laundromat. 

 Here is a copy of The Princess Trap by Kirsten Boie I left on a table at a cafe.

Our last stop was our local hospital. I left a copy of Because of Winn-Dixie on chair in the lobby downstairs, Lost in a Book by the fireplace in the lobby,  Peter and the Starcatchers in the elevator, (I wrote the note. It says: Need some Pixie Dust in your life? Read this Book! 😂) and there was a waiting room upstairs that had a bookshelf, so I put a book there and by the coffee machine (I didn't get pictures of those) and they still had a Christmas tree up, so I thought it would be fun to put one underneath it.

To top the day off, I had been wishing for a while that it would snow a nice, wet, sticky kind of snow that you can mold to make snowballs and snowmen and that packs down easily so the wind won't blow it away so fast, instead of the dry powder we have been getting all winter, and it finally did on my birthday! I heard we got around 7-10 inches?! Also, it made the roads really dangerous so that was a downside, but as soon as I got home I made a weird little snowman on the front porch. (I used chocolate chips for eyes because I didn't know what else to use. 😂) Isn't he cute!? And I came into my room when I got home and my friend Sarah's gift for me was sitting on my bed. (For Christmas she gave me a snowman mug with a little stuffed snowman in it and now I have a HUGE ONE! I named him Marshmallow and the little snowman Olaf, like in Frozen. 😂

And the last quick pic I want to show you is the GIANT BOX filled with books that Kinzie gave me for my birthday! She wanted to help me rebuild my library since I recently lost a bunch of my books, and so she gave me 29 of her books that she wrapped individually! She's SUCH an amazing friend! I wasn't expecting anything like that at all!  (The bag on top was another present (body spray and nail polish) from my other friend, Kiara.)

What bookish things have you done for your birthdays? Have you hid books around your hometown for The Book Fairies? I totally recommend, it! Not just for a fun birthday party, but anytime! It's SO fun and it's a great way to give to your community and hopefully encourage a love of reading! 
See you next time with my December wrap up post! Bye! 😊

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