Feb 3, 2017

Top 5 Most Anticipated Books of 2017

Hi guys!

Today I decided to talk about my most anticipated books of this year…not like I’m actually going to get to read any of them this year because I am currently being squished under my TBR pile. D: (Seriously, I don’t think I even own any books that I haven’t read yet that were published after 2014, that’s how behind I am.) :’( 
Anyway, a girl can dream right?

5. Mrs. Sherlock Holmes by Brad Ricca.

This book tells the awesome true story of Grace Humiston, who became one of America’s greatest crime fighters in a time when women weren’t involved with murder investigations, she was appointed as the first female U.S. district attorney in history, and was the first female consulting detective to the NYPD, according to the description on Goodreads.  
You go girl! 
A book about a real life American female Sherlock Holmes? Um…Yes, please! :D (Plus, this book was just published on January 3, which was my birthday, so of course that makes me want to read it more.) :)