Dec 9, 2017

Black Friday Haul!


Hey guys! Today I thought I'd do a long overdue Black Friday haul. I had so much fun at my friends' relatives' house for Thanksgiving weekend and we got up at 6am on Black Friday and it was really fun. I also tried the Gingerbread latte from Starbucks as we shopped and at first I thought coffee and Gingerbread tasted weird together but it grew on me. 😋

Anyway I'm excited to show you what I got, so let's get into it!

I think I did pretty good, considering. I didn't go extremely overboard with my shopping, (I did spend a little bit over my budget that I set for myself, but that was after I splurged on books, which I haven't been able to do in a long time, so I let myself. 😂 For everything else I got for myself and all the Christmas presents I got for people, I think I did pretty good.) 

For the Christmas presents, I don't have pictures of them since I already wrapped them or gave them away early, but for my mom I got her a little stuffed reindeer that sings "Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer," and cute little gray slipper booties that kinda have a Christmassy sweater pattern on it, and for my friend Sarah's birthday which was yesterday, I got her a red and black fleece plaid scarf that she pointed out to me that I grabbed when she wasn't looking. 😉

And the rest were just little things I got for myself.

So first of all, I really like the idea of burning candles while reading, but I only had one, so I treated myself to a few more. The two on the right are called Succulent Garden, which is a very nice pretty flowery scent, and the one under it is called White Spruce, which smells like a very Christmassy forest. The one on the left was a Glade candle called Cozy Cider Sipping, which is a really cinnamony and Christmassy one too.😋
The glass that the red candle on the left is in I got to specifically put that one in, since it was the only one without a sticky label and I thought the red would look good in it, but it was sadly too wide at the top so it didn't fit! 😡 Oh well, I did the best I could for the sake of aesthetics. 😂 Anyway, the glass has a really pretty design on it with delicate pumpkins and "Autumn" written in gold cursive. I don't know exactly what it was supposed to be for, but thought it would look really pretty as a candle holder. 

Next in front I got some colorful InkJoy pens for my journaling, (I wanted some nice colored pens that don't dry out so easily, and when I got these I thought they were the gel pens, but they are just regular ink ballpoint ones, so I really hope they write as smoothly as I want them too.) and after we went to Fred Meyers in the morning, (which is kind of like a Target for those of your who are wondering. I think Fred Meyers is only in Alaska, Washington and Oregon?) we went to a local high school in the afternoon where they were having a GIANT craft fair with booths of homemade stuff everywhere like food seasonings, ornaments, jewelry, just a bunch of cool stuff like that to use as gifts, and I went to a booth and got the little blue round earrings on the right side of the base of my stack of books. They are so CUTE! They are shiny and they have a textured scalloped pattern that makes it look like mermaid scales. And when I bought this pair, they let me choose a mystery bag for free from a bin they had, and the pair of earrings on the left were in it. They are pink with ombre stripes that kind of look like a paint sample strip. 😄

On the far right I got a couple of new lipsticks because they were buy one get one, and I had a lipstick that was a bright pink but I've had it for a while and it was starting to get kind of gross so I just decided to get a new one.

And last but not least I got my books from a little bookstore I had been dying to go back to since we stopped in there this summer on a road trip and I couldn't afford to get anything. 
I got Power Play (Kingdom Keepers #4) by Ridley Pearson, Lost in a Book and Revolution both by Jennifer Donnelly, Breadcrumbs by Anne Ursu, and Glass Sword (Red Queen #2) by Victoria Aveyard! I just finished Red Queen recently and I am SO GLAD THEY ACTUALLY HAD IT IN HARDCOVER! I'm so excited! 😄 I really wanted it to be in hardcover because the cover is so pretty and I have the first one in hardcover so I wanted them to match. 😂 And I'm actually so proud of myself I ONLY bought books that were on my list that I am planning on reading next year! I did write down like a LONG list of titles that looked interesting though so I could look them up on Goodreads now my TBR has like 1,658 books on it...oh well. 😳

And the gold necklaces on the sides and the Funko Pop doll on the top of my books I just added for aesthetics. 😂 (The Funko Pop doll is Emma from Once Upon a Time! Isn't she awesome? I got her for myself last year. Look at her cute tiny sword and her little tiny red leather jacket!!! 😄)

And as promised....

Our Christmas Tree!

 It's so cool! Though it's kind of a hot mess because we didn't have a white cord for the lights so it doesn't blend in well and we just kind of threw random ornaments on it, but it's sparkly, so it's okay. 😂
I've never had a silver tree before. It's an antique tinsel tree, and it was my friend's mom's grandmother's, so it's been in their family for a really long time. They are not even sure how old it actually is, maybe 60 or 70 years old or so? But I love the way all the lights sparkle off of it, so it actually makes it look primarily pink. 😄 I also love the string of white lights we have above the window. We have them strung up in that whole corner of the room, and I love how it makes the living room look so cozy. 😊
Oh, and underneath, instead of using a tree skirt, we just put down white cloth to look like snow. 😊 In the center is a ballerina nutcracker that I gave them, to her left is a little toy train themed from the movie Anastasia, on her right is a couple of presents and a snow globe with Santa Claus and a deer in the globe (with a space on the top for a little candle) and around the base of it is a forest with trees, snow, and wild animals like reindeer and bears, and when you wind it up it spins around and plays "Deck the Halls." 😃 And the girl bear on the left is named Holly and the boy bear on the right is Chris. I thought those were really cute names they gave them. 😊


Did you go Black Friday shopping? Did you do a haul on your blogs? I would love to see them! I just love decorating the house for Christmas! What are some of your favorite decorations or traditions that your family does? Let me know in the comments!


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  1. I love inkjoy pens! I tend to write a lot in my agenda for school assignments, which doubles as my bullet journal, and those are often my go-to. I think the Christmas tree looks really cool! My family still has yet to set up ours, hopefully we'll get to it before winter break begins. Thanks for sharing!

    claire @ clairefy

  2. Heather @ The Frozen Book BlogDecember 10, 2017 at 12:08 AM

    I like to write a lot too. I was hoping I could use them to be all artistic in my bullet journal though, too. :) And thanks! I like our tree. We put it up pretty much as soon as we came home from our Thanksgiving trip.