Aug 19, 2017

Totally Should've Tag

Hey, Book Bloggians! Today I need to take out my frustrations on some books, so I am doing the Totally Should've Tag! This was created by Emma @ emmmabooks. 

Prepare for distressed fangirl ranting! 😜

 Should've gotten a sequel:

Before I Fall

Okay, this answer is going to have some SPOILERS so DON'T LOOK IF YOU HAVEN'T READ IT!!!!!

I think Before I Fall should've gotten a sequel or at least a companion because the way it ended I AM NOT OKAY WITH. I know I should've seen it coming, and I kind of did, but I still hoped Sam could save herself and Juliet and get a second chance at life and date Kent and watch her sister grow up and be a better influence on her friends and all these things but she doesn't, she just dies! 😩 okay I'm rambling now excuse me 
And yes, I know that's the whole point of the book, and I know she did have sort of a chance to do that by reliving the day over and over seven times, but it just wasn't enough for me. I feel like I didn't get any closure from her death, and I would like to see how her death actually impacted the people around her. For all we know, saving Juliet could've done absolutely nothing and she would've still committed suicide later for feeling guilty about Sam's death. And what would happen to her friends? Would they all just become washed up drunks and spiral downhill out of grief? Based on what I know about their characters, I feel like Sam's death would've just caused more harm than good and torn everyone apart rather than bring them together. And what would happen to Sam's parents and Izzy? Would her parents end up getting divorced because they couldn't see eye to eye in their grief anymore? I'd like to see a book set in the future when Izzy is all grown up and going to high school and how hearing all these things about her sister has impacted her. I just need to know, okay? I need to know how they all moved on, because I can't!😭😭😭


Should've gotten a spin off series:

I'd Tell You I Love You, But Then I'd Have to Kill You (Gallagher Girls, #1)

The Gallagher Girls by Ally Carter. I'm just still not ready to let go of it, okay?! It's such a good series! And I think it would be pretty cool if there were a series about like, maybe Cammie and Bex's grandmothers were allied spies in WWll together? Ally Carter is so great about writing about espionage, it would be fun to see her throw a little historical fiction with a little bit of the characters we already know and love in there.😊

Author who should have written more books:

Suzanne Collins. I know she has a bunch of Middle Grade books out, but it would be interesting to see what she does with a new YA series after The Hunger Games?

Character who should've ended up with someone else:

Cammie Morgan from The Gallagher Girls. Don't judge me, okay? I just never really liked Zach that much! Everyone else all the time was just...

  beauty and the beast swoon hey sexy swooning GIF

and i was just kinda...

I liked Josh from the first book better. AND YES I KNOW it was impossible for them to be together but idk, if I had to pick between Zach and Josh, I would've picked Josh.

Should've ended differently:

See question one.

Should've been a movie franchise:

Steelheart (Reckoners, #1)

The Reckoners by Brandon Sanderson. 

Surprise surprise, I mentioned this again. BUT IT WOULD BE AMAZING THOUGH, if they did it right! Think X-Men level.

Should've been a TV show:

I'd Tell You I Love You, But Then I'd Have to Kill You (Gallagher Girls, #1)

The Gallagher Girls. If only they stopped marketing it as "ooh, googly-eyed girly romancy teen books" and actually focused on the more serious espionage stuff and made it look more like Quantico and Designated Survivor, where the main characters just happened to be teenagers, it could be good!

Should've only had one POV:

Allegiant (Divergent, #3)

Allegiant by Veronica Roth. I really didn't care about all.😳

Should've had a cover change:

Neptune's Tears (Timedance, #1)

Neptune's Tears by Susan Waggoner. There's just too much brown.😖 and yes, technically this did have a cover change, but i don't like the other ones either.😂

Should've kept original covers:

The Teardrop Duology by Lauren Kate. I mean look how gorgeous these are!!!:

Teardrop (Teardrop, #1) Waterfall (Teardrop #2)

And then look at these:

Teardrop (Teardrop, #1) Waterfall (Teardrop, #2)

I mean, I do like the new ones too for different reasons, but with those gorgeous original ones, yeah...they should've just kept them.😞

Should've stopped at book one:

The Princess Plot  (Scandia, #1)

The Princess Plot by Kirsten Boie. The first book wrapped things up okay by itself, the second book just seemed kind of unnecessary.😕

What books frustrate you? Do you also want a sequel to Before I Fall? Do you also love the Gallagher Girls? I want to know! 😄

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