Aug 15, 2017

The Mark of the Dragonfly by Jaleigh Johnson: Spoiler Free Review

The Mark of the Dragonfly

                                                                My Rating:

The plot is very engaging and fast-paced. I read this book in four days! Even though it was an easy read, I don't normally read any kind of book that quickly unless I'm specifically binging it. 😜 I got through it so fast because every time I put it down I wanted to keep picking it up to find out what happens and to spend more time in the amazing world of Solace with Piper and Anna and all the characters. 😊 I liked that it eludes that there is going to be a big climax builds up suspense of a plot twist of some sort, but you don't know what it is, and the whole mystery surrounding Anna was so fun to read about. 

  I loved the setting! It was so descriptive and easy to imagine and get into this magical world the author built. I love all these strange mysteries of objects from other worlds falling through holes in the sky during meteor showers and no one knows why or where they came from. I liked learning about the culture of Solace and reading about how life worked in the different settings, from the scrap towns, to the 401 train, to a city lit by magical glowing flowers. I definitely love the steampunk aspect, and how it was used throughout the book. The is only the second steampunk themed book I've ever read, and it definitely makes me want to read more, or write my own! Especially one that takes place on a train. 😄 Also, I listened to the How to Train Your Dragon Suite while reading this, and I think it worked well with the vibe of this book. I had a lot of fun listening to it especially during the scene where Piper rides on top of the train, with her hair blowing behind her and pretending she's flying. With the triumphant music and the descriptive writing, it was so fun to read! Like a scene from an action movie. Kinda random, but I would definitely recommend. 😉

Besides the setting, the characters are probably the best part about this book! They're just so lovable, and adorable and squishable and...and...squishable?

Yes, squishable. I want to squish them! They're so cute and I love the instant sisterly bond between Piper and Anna and the family bond between Gee and the 401 crew. They all look out for each other and even though Piper's been used to living on her own and having a selfish survival mindset, she has great character development and she learns to think about others when she develops this motherly protective instinct over Anna and it's just so sweet! 😍 I love how their personalities are pretty diverse too. Piper's the tough, and brave one, Gee is a little mysterious and fiercely loyal, and Anna is the sweet, innocent, brainiac bookworm. Did I say bookworm? Oh yeah, you can probably guess who my favorite character is. 😉 Here's my favorite quote from Anna in the book:
Like, how relatable is that? 

I don't have many negative things to say about this book, except it felt like there were a few loose ends. Though, this is only the first book in a series, and I'm hoping they will get resolved as it progresses. I'm sad that each book in this series has different main characters, though. I want more adventures with Piper, Anna and Gee on the 401! Their story didn't seem finished. 😞 I want to know more about Anna and where she came from. I really hope they will at least be side characters in the other books.

I loved this book! It really inspired me to want to learn more about steampunk stuff and write my own steampunk book. 😄 I really enjoyed the plot and the characters and reading about the world of Solace. I can't wait to read the other books in this series to learn more about how it works. 😊 I would recommend it to fans of Middle Grade, fantasy, steampunk, or lovable characters and themes about family and friendship. Also, though this is Middle Grade, I think it could also appeal to older readers, if they wanted a nice break from the heavier themes YA can have, yet still have an awesome and engaging story with less than half of the mental exhaustion. 
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Well, that's the end of my first review! Did you like it? Have you read The Mark of the Dragonfly or any other steampunk books? Do you love books with squishable charachters? Is there something I could add to future reviews? Share your thoughts!

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