Jun 24, 2017

My Bullet Journal Tour!

Hey Book Bloggians! 

Today I am giving you a tour of my bullet journal! (or lack thereof 😜) 
It's definitely not perfect, and I didn't follow like, any of the "rules."  I don't have a key, (gasp!) I don't have a weekly or monthly layout, (double gasp!) or really anything like that. (triple gasp!) 😱

Now don't get me wrong, I love the idea of using this system to keep organized, but I decided not to have a calendar type of scheduling system because I do have a planner already, and I actually like using it. So I don't want to use my journal for things I'm already using my planner for. I'll put most of my scheduling type stuff in my planner, and do pretty much everything else in my "BuJo." Ugh, what is with all of these abbreviations lately?
But that's the great thing about bullet journals, right? You can do whatever you want with them! 😊

So let's just get into it:

 The cover just is that boring brown you see on the sides. I cut this and some other quote pages out of past months of my planner to use as decoration and glued it on. It doesn't fit perfectly, but I think in the future I will add washi tape or something on the sides to make it look better.
This is the first page. Instead of a key or an index I decided to go with a page for page ideas to add throughout my journal.
More page ideas. Yes, those are Frozen stickers. They were a gift and I used some to jazz up my journal since I didn't have much supplies at first and then I gave the rest to my friend's two year old niece. Don't judge. 😂
I found this idea on Pinterest and thought it was cute. Too bad all I could come up were really lame answers. 😳 (and please excuse the obvious white-out marks, I know they are horrible but sadly this will not be the last of them...)
This is my list of places I want to visit and the first page of my reading challenge list. (Ugh, my doodles are so bad! On the "Places to Go" banner is supposed to be a car with smoke coming out of the exhaust pipe, and around Firefight is supposed to be fire, but it doesn't look like that because all I had on me was a black pen and a blue pen. 😭 And over "The One" is supposed to be a little tiara because it's The Selection series, get it? heh heh 😳 I was hoping it would turn out a lot cuter than that...I was wrong. 😢
More books for my reading challenge. I drew snow around "Snow Like Ashes," crossed swords by "Daughter of the Pirate King," and a river with a waterfall for "Waterfall." They all look so baaaaaad I'm so soooorry. 😂
Last pages of the reading challenge. For this one I gave up on doodling and just added snowflake stickers for titles that made me think of winter.
My list of books I want to read before I see their adaptions. (Some of these I just heard rumors for on the internet, so just IN CASE they become movies I want to plan WAY ahead and make sure I read the books first. 😂) And I just realized how boring this page is...maybe I will add some more color to it later. 
Finally I started to add some color. This is my tracker for Camp Nanowramo this April. As you can see it was a complete FAIL...hence all the zeros. 😂 I liked the way I set it up though, so I might do something like this for Camp this July. I liked the way my quill and ink pen drawing turned out though. (I just copied ideas of it I found on Pinterest though, you have seen the disaster that ensues when I try to draw free hand.😆 And speaking of disasters, the washi tape at the top ripped so I covered it up with more because I didn't want to waste it by getting a completely new strip, so now the layering looks really bad but I left it there anyway)
This is a page where I decided to have an actual organized list of all my writing projects that I'm currently working on. I love how the font of the title turned out. (Again, borrowed from Pinterest 😜)
 My summer bucket list. 🔆😎 Realistically I probably will only get like a quarter of these done.
 Future goals for my writing. 😊 I love how my cute little paper airplane and it's flight path turned out!
 My goals for my blog. I really hope I get to accomplish a lot of these soon! 😉 And yes, I know how babyish it looks. 😳
 I love how the colors and the washi tape on the side look. And my nail polish matches! 💙
I saw this and thought it was a great idea. I have very low-self esteem, and if I actually remember to write down compliments that I get from people, it will be a nice boost of confidence and something good to look back on. 😊 Plus, I love my cute little birdy. She actually wasn't too hard to draw, if I could just copy the shape as closely as I could from a drawing I saw on Pinterest. (I know, I know, but I love Pinterest! I never would have started bullet journaling without it!)
 I used to be against rereading because my TBR is INSANE, but there are some that I think I would really love to go back to one day, so I made a list. Otherwise, what's the point of building up your own personal library if you're ever only going to read your books once, right?
 Deadlines are a good thing to put in my planner, but I decided to start a master list here for fun. I like the border I did too. I just took colored pencils and drew lines all around in different colors to get this feathery effect. 😄
Here is another one of those quote pages I took from my planner. On the left is another cute idea I got from Pinterest. I love how my title turned out. And if you can't tell already, the blobs are supposed to be popcorn. I'm really self conscious that they might look like flowers or clouds...or fat turtles. 😂 (and one of them is only half yellow because I meant to color the one next to it. Oops.😳)
 Ugh, I'm sorry you can see the bleed through from the other page. 😩
 I LOVE how these turned out! I used a really nice Ink Joy pen and I copied a font I saw on Pinterest to make it look like I know how to do calligraphy when I really don't. 😜
Another page like the ones above, and next to it is a list of TV shows. I really like how my drawings of the film tape turned out! 😊
This is a card someone made me, and it was getting crumpled in my bag and I didn't know where else to put it so I taped it in here with glitter tape, to double my bullet journal as a sort of scrapbook. 😀
 More cute random list pages. I think these ones turned out even better than the other ones.
This is a quote page I did. I didn't really have a clear picture in my mind of what I wanted to do, so I just started drawing random lines in the corners with a blue or green. I added more colors, and it turned into this cool looking seaweed thing.
 I LOVE THIS PAGE. My mom helped draw the 3D books since I don't possess those skills, 😜 and I traced them in and drew the pages and titles. I drew everything else myself though. I especially like how the falling leaves look.
This is probably my favorite page, even though you can see where I used the whiteout and messed it up by accidentally chipping away at it with the colored pencil. Other than that, I really love this quote and how the design turned out. 😃
 Another quote page from my planner, and another decorative random list page that I decided to use little purple dots instead of big ones. Now I wish I put dots in between the words though instead of going around. Maybe I will fix that later. 😉
I love the background on the left, even though it makes the writing a little hard to read. I think the page on the right looks a little boring, but I didn't know what else to do with it. 😕
This is the last quote page from my planner that I glued into the back inside cover of the journal. I just wanted to share it because I love the cute polka dots. 😜

Well that's all I have in my BuJo so far, maybe later this year I will do an updated one when I fix stuff and add more. 😊

If you stuck it out all the way through 30 pictures I am eternally grateful! 😂

If you want to check out where I got the inspiration for some of the things in my bullet journal, here is the link to my Pinterest board:


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Do you like bullet journaling? Do you have one? Will you start one? What was your favorite page in my journal? Did my mistakes bother you as much as they did me? 😂

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