Jun 17, 2017

Movies, Schedule Change, and BIG News!

Hey Guys!

So back in February I did a post on my most anticipated movies that were coming out this year. In this post, I decided to talk about what is on my Movies I Need to See List. It’s different because these are all movies that are out already that I missed in theaters. Some came out this year, but some are at least a year old or more, and I just haven’t gotten around to seeing them yet.😀

Dead Poets Society

One of my professors last fall recommended this movie to us, and I think in the back of my mind I was interested in watching it, but it’s been hard to want to see a Robin Williams movie that I haven’t seen yet after his death, you know?

The Light Between Oceans

I thought about reading the book, but MY TBR MAN! Some books I would rather just watch the movie because it takes less work. Reading is EXHAUSTING! I can’t keep up with all the movie adaptions! Don’t look at me like that, sometimes you have to pick your battles!😩

The Zookeeper’s Wife

Again, I know the book will probably be better, but when I heard the movie is coming out, I didn’t even know it was a book first, and I already have so many books and not enough time! 

A Dog’s Purpose

Again, I didn’t know this was a book, and I have a feeling it’s going to be sad and seeing the movie is A LOT easier to just get it over with than to go through 319 pages of emotional turmoil…though fangirls do it all the time so I shouldn’t be complaining.😂


Doesn’t this just sound like a movie version of Across the Universe? Oh well, I haven’t read Across the Universe yet anyway. But it’s got JENNIFER LAWRENCE! I’m excited.😆

The Space Between Us

I thought for sure this was a book adaptation because it totally sounds like it, but I’m really surprised it’s not! The whole idea of a kid being born on Mars and not being able to actually go home until he’s 16 because his bones would be crushed by the gravity sounded really cool. I like that he has to use the internet to see what Earth is like and that’s how he met Tulsa. You guys must know by now how I am about romance, but it’s easier to watch it in movies than it is to read it in books, because if there is too much of it in books, I get impatient, but usually I can get though a two-hour movie. Plus, I’ve said I like unique plotlines, and this definitely has one.😊

Going in Style

Three old guys try to rob a bank. What could possibly go wrong?😂

Okay, so that’s my movie list! Wow, it ended up being surprisingly a lot shorter than I expected! Now I’m probably killing you with the suspense of my “Big News” thing, but first, I wanted to quickly talk about my schedule change. Haha I know, I’m mean. 😜

Well I have officially FINALLY decided on a posting schedule that I think will work. I was doing Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays for a while, and that was working but now that I have all my books back I am WAAAY behind on my reading, guys…like way behind. Also, I’m really behind on my writing projects, so that’s not good. 😰 And also when I go back to college this fall I know I will be swamped with homework, so I just think posting three times a week will be way too much for me to handle, and I thought about just doing Saturdays, but that didn’t seem like enough, and also I want to keep participating in the Top Ten Tuesday linkup occasionally, so...I decided my official posting schedule will be on TUESDAYS and SATURDAYS. I haven’t decided on an official time yet, but I think it’s just whenever I can possibly get them done, as long as I actually post on those days. Plus, I’m hoping to be able to keep managing this schedule from now on throughout the school year. If I get too stressed, we’ll figure something else out. Sound like a plan?😊

Okay, now it’s finally time for my Big News!!! Drum roll please…


I’m so excited I feel like I’m officially part of the book blogging community now! 


Kellyn over at Reveries is going to be stopping by my blog on June 27th with a guest post! The tour is to promote her books, The Dressmaker's Secret, and Ivy Introspective.  


Here is the attachment to the blog tour schedule so you wont miss out on any of her other stops! 

 Preview attachment Blog Tour Schedule

I am so excited to be a part of this! The blog tour starts this Tuesday and I highly encourage you to go check out her blog before then! You can find the link to it on the right sidebar of my blog under "Awesome Blogs I Follow" near the bottom under "Reveries." 😊

What movies have you been dying to watch for forever but you never got around to? Do you like my new schedule? Are you excited about Kellyn's guest post and the blog tour? What's your favorite movie of all time?

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