Apr 2, 2017

Camp Nanowrimo Day One!

Hello friends!

The first day of Camp Nano is officially over so I hope everyone has made it to their daily word count goal! 😊

For my project I decided to just finish the first draft of the novel I started during my first attempt at Camp Nanowrimo last July. I wanted to write 50,000 words, because I knew in November I would be way too busy adjusting to college to even think about writing, (unless it was for homework, of course) so I figured I would treat July as a trial run for the real thing someday, since I’d never done anything Nanowrimo related. Yeah…I only made it to 27,000 words before getting burned out. 😕 In hindsight, I guess that was pretty good for my first try, and when I go back and read what I wrote,
even without any editing, my story is actually really good I think, so I’m proud of myself. 😄

I already had a pretty good Idea of what it was about and where I wanted it to go, and I spent the previous four months outlining it. It went great until I got to the middle, when I realized I made my story move way too quickly, so I didn’t have any idea what to write from the middle to the end. Plus, I was so mentally exhausted by that point because I am really bad at making a habit out of writing every day. (Seriously I’m lucky if I write more than one paragraph per month because I was always too busy…and by busy I mean lazy.) 😁 Anyway, I figured I did great for my first time and I was so tired I wasn’t really having fun with it anymore so I decided to call it quits, but I’m glad I tried.
Between then and now I only added about 1,000 words to my story, but the good news is my goal for this April is only 21,000 words so I only have to write about 730 words each day! That’s a lot easier than 2,000 words a day! 😅 Today I even wrote 200 extra words, so this month is already off to a great start! Maybe if I get done early, I can spend the rest of the month revising! (...On second thought, I better not get ahead of myself, sometimes life gets in the way. 😜)

I also started bullet journaling, so that has been a fun way to help me keep track of my progress, along with the Camp Nanowrimo website. Maybe when we are a little further into the month I will post a picture of my Nanowrimo bullet journal page, and maybe do a tour of my bullet journal once I fill it out a little more.

Well, thanks for reading this short and sweet post! I hope everyone finds the inspiration they need to carry out their writing projects this month!😀

Happy writing!♡

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