Feb 3, 2017

Top 5 Most Anticipated Books of 2017

Hi guys!

Today I decided to talk about my most anticipated books of this year…not like I’m actually going to get to read any of them this year because I am currently being squished under my TBR pile. D: (Seriously, I don’t think I even own any books that I haven’t read yet that were published after 2014, that’s how behind I am.) :’( 
Anyway, a girl can dream right?

5. Mrs. Sherlock Holmes by Brad Ricca.

This book tells the awesome true story of Grace Humiston, who became one of America’s greatest crime fighters in a time when women weren’t involved with murder investigations, she was appointed as the first female U.S. district attorney in history, and was the first female consulting detective to the NYPD, according to the description on Goodreads.  
You go girl! 
A book about a real life American female Sherlock Holmes? Um…Yes, please! :D (Plus, this book was just published on January 3, which was my birthday, so of course that makes me want to read it more.) :)

4. You Don’t Know My Name by Kristen Orlando.

This book is about a teenager whose parents are spies that belong to a powerful secret agency and her moral dilemma of following in their footsteps and wanting to be normal…perfect for anyone still reeling from an emotional hangover after finishing the Gallagher Girls series by Ally Carter like I am. I need my kick butt teenage spy girls back! D:

3. Because You Love to Hate Me.

This is a collection of short stories that retell classic fairytales from the villains’ point of view. That’s not even the best part…they are all written by thirteen bestselling authors paired up with thirteen BookTubers! Is there a better combination than that? I think not. :P

2. Long May She Reign by Rhiannon Thomas.

This is about a girl who is far down the line for the throne of her kingdom and is more interested in science experiments then becoming queen. Suddenly, everyone in line before her is mysteriously killed and she unexpectedly finds herself on the throne. She may have survived, but no one respects her, people want to control her, and whoever is responsible for the deaths of the king and his court is still running loose. With everything going on, our main character decides to solve the murders on her own. Trusting no one, she questions if she really is fit to rule and must decide how hard she will fight to keep the crown.

Recently I have become obsessed with ABC’s new show, Designated Survivor, and is it just me, or does this sound pretty much like a YA fantasy book version of that? Because if it is, I need to read it ASAP!!!! I love the writing on Designated Survivor and this book sounds amazing to me, plus I have really been wanting to read more fantasy so this would be perfect! I can’t wait to get my hands on it!

And finally, my #1 anticipated book of 2017 is…drumroll please…

1.   Daughter of the Pirate King by Tricia Levenseller!
This is about a seventeen-year-old female pirate captain that deliberately allows herself to be captured by her enemies so she can secretly search their ship for a key to a legendary treasure. There’s romance, adventure, and action. Who wouldn’t love the idea of an awesome kick butt teenage girl as a pirate captain? The cover even has a blurb from Anna Banks that literally says: “Readers should rejoice because we now have a lady Jack Sparrow on our hands!”

A lady Jack Sparrow? HECK YEAH!!!!!

I’m especially excited for this book this year because the fifth Pirates of the Caribbean movie, Dead Men Tell No Tales, is coming out this summer! I’m planning on reading this book for my 2017 reading challenge, so that would be a good time to read it since I’ll already be in a pirates mood. :P I don’t think I’ve ever read a book about pirates, so I’m excited to use this book to also help me break more into the fantasy genre.

Well that’s all so far for my most anticipated books! Feel free to leave a comment and tell me what books and/or movies you are most excited for this year. :)

Happy reading!

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