Jan 28, 2017

Spring TBR/2017 Reading Challenge


So for my first post I decided to write my spring TBR list and talk about my 2017 reading challenge. I say spring TBR even though it is currently snowing buckets outside as I write this, but I am kind of a slow reader because I really like to get immersed into whatever book I am reading, so I really have no idea when I will get these done. I’m hoping at least sometime before May, but it probably won’t be that long because I will be able to read a lot faster since I am taking this semester off of school so I will have a lot more free time. So for my 2017 reading challenge on Goodreads, I decided to go for 40 books. Last year, I read 30, but this year I unexpectedly have more time than I thought I would so I thought I could get a little more reading  in.
I also decided to make it more fun for myself by looking up some reading challenges on Pinterest and YouTube, where you pick which books to read by putting them into certain categories. I made up a list of different categories from different challenges I found that looked interesting to me, and put them with some books I was already planning to read to give me some motivation.